Egypt's Pyramids

‘I visited Egypt for a ‘dream’ holiday and it turned out to be the worst trip ever’

A tourist recently shared her disappointing travel experience in Egypt. Explaining why her trip quickly became one of her most unpleasant adventures. Grace Cheng, also known as @gracietravels, spent a week exploring the wonders of northeast Africa, including the Great Pyramids of Giza and various historical sites.

However, throughout her stay, she couldn’t shake the constant insecurity. Her vacation was marred by persistent scammers who aggressively targeted unsuspecting tourists, making it difficult for visitors to enjoy their trip without being harassed for their money.

“I felt extremely uneasy during my visit to Egypt… Scamming is a prevalent concern here, and as a first-time visitor, I wasn’t fully aware of its extent,” she mentioned in a TikTok video. “The persistent hustle culture here is overwhelming. Everywhere we went, there was ceaseless pressure to pay for various things. To be entirely honest, I didn’t feel secure during my time here.”

Grace recounted her ordeal in an effort to caution fellow travelers about the “exhausting” challenges she encountered while in Egypt

“Here’s some important advice,” Grace continued, “Don’t allow anyone to take your picture, avoid letting anyone place objects in your hand, and refrain from following anyone who insists on showing you something, as they will likely demand money.”

She went on to express her unease even when accompanied by a tour guide, saying, “Our guide had many acquaintances in the area who continuously tempted us with various upgrades, like climbing a rock for a scenic photo.”

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This tourist believes Egypt is a tourist trap
Image Credit: @gracietravels TikTok

Grace shared that it felt unsettling when she refused to give in to the scammers’ demands for money. “However,” she added, “it’s worth mentioning that a reliable tour guide can help distinguish between genuine experiences and scams, so you can trust them in that regard.”

She also advised against traveling to Egypt alone, especially for women. “Regarding men,” she noted, “they tend to stare, and it’s not a casual gaze; it’s an uncomfortable, unrelenting one.”

Aside from feeling anxious around people, Grace expressed concerns about losing her luggage. “We had private drivers throughout our trip, but when we left our bags in the vehicle while visiting a site, I genuinely feared I might never see them again,” she added.

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Other travelers who have visited the United Arab Republic shared similar concerns about their safety during their stays

The tourist claims she felt unsafe while in Egypt
Image Credit: @gracietravels TikTok

“I completely agree. I’ve traveled extensively around the world, and Egypt is the only country where I didn’t feel secure,” one person wrote. “I had a similar experience when visiting both Egypt and Morocco,” another commenter added.

“I’ve come across numerous videos and comments from people saying that Egypt is a challenging place to visit. It’s disheartening because I’ve always wanted to see it,” a third individual lamented. Another person chimed in, saying, “I’ve always been interested in visiting Egypt, but I’ve honestly not heard many positive reviews about it.”

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