Panoramic view of beautiful Amalfi on hills leading down to coast, Campania, Italy. Amalfi coast is most popular travel and holiday destination in Europe
Jade Small
Jade Small
July 19, 2023 ·  4 min read

Video of American Tourist Complaining About ‘Having to Walk’ in Italy Goes Viral

Traveling is the idolized way to spend your summer holiday, so much so that many people have made careers that revolve around exploring the diversity this world offers. From travel journalists or influencers to photographers who like to snap amazing pics of the wide open views either from balconies. Or the vast open spaces that nature provides. One American tourist fell into the trap that was placed by other influencers and went to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. However, it was not exactly how she expected it to be.

American Tourist Gone Viral

Traveling in Italy is a mesmerizing experience that offers a blend of mesmerizing scenery, awe-inspiring architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine. The country is decorated with picturesque landscapes that range from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the sparkling blue waters of the Amalfi Coast. People have been flocking to the Amalfi coast by the thousands every year. All eager to bask in the glorious beauty that small little nook of the world has to offer.

The Amalfi Coast is definitely one of Italy’s highlights and is becoming increasingly popular. Some might dare to say, even more popular than Venice. The sheer beauty of this coastal stretch is difficult to beat, with its dramatic cliffs and little villages that are filled with so much culture. Not to mention the endless views of crystal-clear waters. The Amalfi Coast has quickly become the social media influencer’s dream as countless picture opportunities will leave their followers wanting more.

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However, one American tourist, Lexi Jordan, does not seem to agree with the countless influencer’s posts about the Amalfi coast. Lexi Jordan went decided to see what all the fuss was about, but she realized very quickly that this stretch of paradise was not up to her standards. Not only that, but she posted to her social media, saying some rather daring statements. “Every single influencer and TikToker who put the Amalfi Coast on my for you page over the last two months, deserves jail time,” she ranted.

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Too Much of a Mission

The American tourist described her ordeal of traveling to the beautiful Amalfi Coast. “First of all, it’s impossible to get here, you have to fly into Naples,” she said. “Then, you have to take a train from Naples to Sorrento, then you have to stand in 90-degree weather waiting for a ferry to get on a ferry with all of your luggage, [and] lug it onto the ferry.

She went on to describe how much walking she had to endure to get the see the views from the highest points. “When you get to Amalfi Coast finally, then, to get the high points, the beautiful hotels – there are no streets here, there are no cars – so you have to walk up 160 stairs with all your luggage to get to the top of this gorgeous area with these beautiful views.

She concluded her rant with how the power went out because there were too many tourists. “And then also, all the power went out because the Amalfi Coast doesn’t have the infrastructure to support this tourism.”


honestly my main takeaway is if youre gonna come here dont make the same mistake i did – go for at least a week and definitely not TWO DAYS 😭 #amalficoast #eurosummer #dying

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Internet Gives American Tourist Piece of Their Mind

People might have understood her rant about walking to the hotel they stayed at if she carried her own bags but, to top it all off, she revealed that she did no heavy lifting. She wrote in the comments section, “I didn’t carry my luggage, my boyfriend and our concierge did it but I still had to walk.”

This was it; the internet had had enough. Hundreds of people have been leaving comments and retweeting her post with a caption that expresses their disappointment in this American tourist. One person commented saying, “The entitlement- some people have real problems.” Another wrote, “So spoiled and if you need ‘disclaimers’ when you travel maybe you should not travel.”

Image credit: TikTok

One person retweeted her video saying, “‘the amalfi coast doesn’t have the infrastructure to support this tourism’ yes. exactly. go home. the fact that you expect a secluded location in a small country made of mountains and workfields to have superstreets for ur comfort is such an american take it makes me violent.

Another retweet reads rather sarcastically, “Thoughts and prayers to this TikToker on vacation, nobody in the world is suffering like her right now.” And finally, a fellow American retweeted, “We as Americans need to address our allergic reaction to walking.”

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Would you complain about having to walk in a place like this?


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