foundry worker pouring molten metal

Factory Worker Miraculously Lives After Falling Into a Scolding Hot 1300 Degree Aluminum Furnace

A 25-year-old factory worker from St. Gallen, Switzerland has miraculously survived falling into a 1328 degrees Fahrenheit vat of molten aluminum. The most remarkable part aside from surviving the ordeal surely has to be the fact that he somehow managed to pull himself out.

Factory worker currently being treated for serious burns

The survivor was seen tending to another day at work at the furnace factory when suddenly, chaos struck. He somehow managed to fall through a trapdoor that led directly to the hot metal beneath him. This left the worker immersed in aluminum all the way to his knees.

Despite being in tremendous pain, he somehow managed to find the strength to climb out of the smelting pit. His fellow workers set off the alarm, where they were then able to summon paramedics and doctors to the scene.

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Factory Worker accident
Image Credit: @St Gallen Police

An air ambulance arrived on the scene and lifted the brave factory worker to the hospital. One cannot even imagine the distress the man must have been in on his way there. To think, spilling a cup of freshly brewed coffee on yourself is enough to send anyone into a panic. There is no way we could possibly have imagined this.

Police are investigating the factory worker’s accident

The same foundry has been in the news before for a similar incident. An unexplainable explosion in 2014 saw another factory worker receive horrendous burns to his face.

We hope that the worker will recover fully from the haunting incident. There cannot be anything as traumatic as falling into burning hot metal which has without a doubt left the man in a serious condition. He will most likely need serious therapy to help him deal with the incident.

Not the only factory putting hard-working individuals at risk

Another factory worker has somehow made a miraculous escape from an incident at his place of employment. A massive vat of liquid metal came crashing down on the factory floor, sending it splashing all over the workspace. It’s unclear how the accident occurred, leaving one man with serious injuries to his face and extremities. The CCTV footage shows a factory worker in Iran managing to somehow escape the direct flow of molten metal crashing to the floor.

The entire factory floor was left covered in metal within seconds, nothing safe from the scolding river. The footage has been shared in January of this year and has since gone completely viral. Another incident in the UK saw a factory worker being left in constant pain when his hand was severed in a packaging accident. Christopher Wright was seen in the footage picking up his own hand after the incident.

He was then taken to the hospital and an 11-hour surgery was performed to reattach the limb. The employer was fined $135k, being found to be in breach of health and safety regulations.

The stories keep pouring in

18-year-old Courtney Herbert was left with permanent injuries after an incident in 2020. The salt factory worker from South Australia’s arm was trapped in a rolling machine. She was brushing excess salt from a conveyor belt when suddenly her shirt was caught in the mechanism, dragging her arm right into the path of the roller. The factory was found to be in violation of the Work Health and Safety Act, with court documents revealing that colleagues had to jump in and assist Courtney, grabbing a spanner to release the tension on the conveyor belt which has left the worker with permanent tendon damage.

A 39-year-old Illinois man died instantly after tripping into a vat of molten iron. Peoria County Sheriff’s Office Captain Chris Watkins is investigating the scene. With the melting point of iron being 2600-2800 degrees Fahrenheit, one cannot fathom what the poor worker went through in his final moments.

The foundry spoke out about the accident

A spokesperson for the foundry Lisa Miller, said: “We are deeply saddened by the death of an employee who was involved in a serious incident at our Mapleton, Illinois, facility on June 2. Our thoughts are with this employee’s family, friends and colleagues. The safety of our employees, contractors and visitors is our top priority.”

He was taking a sample of iron for the met lab and apparently just tripped. He died instantly, but not all of him went in. Part of his body remained on the deck for the coroner to retrieve.” With another worker adding that “I haven’t seen the melting area in years, let alone the melt deck itself, so I cannot report what conditions are like. Our melting area is physically connected but operationally independent. Word spread fast and people were gathering trying to find out what happened.”

Luckily nobody was hurt in this particular video, but it shows the severity of this type of accident

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