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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
January 1, 2024 ·  2 min read

Man poses as fake parking attendant and scams people out of $2,000

The police in Cincinnati have been asking the public to help them find an individual who has been accused of posing as a parking attendant at a prestigious event. This incident reportedly took place outside a parking lot of the Freestore Foodbank. The law enforcement mentioned that an unidentified individual had been posing as a parking attendant at the parking lot of this Nonprofit ahead of the game of FC Cincinnati. Kurt Reiber, President and CEO of Freestore Foodbank, mentioned, “Basically, he set up fake cones and fake tickets and sold out the entire parking lot. This was four or five hours before the game even started.

The President further claimed that the actions of the alleged parking attendant had cost the nonprofit money. At the beginning of the year, Freestore Foodbank had reportedly closed its doors at its location in Central Parkway but rather than allowing the building to be completely vacant, they had decided on renting it out completely.

A glimpse of the suspected fake parking attendant.
Image Credits: Fox19

Man Posed As Parking Attendant Scammed Customers Of Parking Spots To Make $2000 in 5 Hours. 

Reiber mentioned, “We partnered with Tri-State Parking. They said they would operate it for us and give us a little bit of money back. The money we would get would help us feed kids.” The employees working at the Tri-State Parking also informed management once they arrived at the lot on that day. After starting work, they called up the management who would then call up the law enforcement regarding the man who posed as an attendant. 

The team managed to confront the parking attendant, but the accused managed to flee before he was apprehended. Reiber stated that he had suffered a loss of $2000 in under 5 hours. Reiber stated, “My understanding is that he was selling the parking spaces for $40 a car.” The actions of this attendant have definitely harmed the nonprofit and the President is asking for the man to give them a part of his earnings and then turn himself in. 

The parking attendant had come in early, following which his entrepreneurial desires took over. He decided to sell 50 spaces at $40 a car, which brought the total sum to $2000. Incidentally, the spaces are sold for $25 by the nonprofit. 

Kurt Reiber further claimed, “Basically, he set up fake cones and fake tickets and sold out the entire parking lot. This was four or five hours before the game even started. Tri-State came in here and saw that the entire parking lot was full and proceeded to put tickets on the cars to let them know, hey, you’re parking in this spot we’re supposed to be parking in.

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