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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 18, 2024 ·  2 min read

Man Shares Weird Trick To ‘Get High’ Using Your Thumbs

Let’s be honest- some of us have try to get high to escape our reality. While some of the techniques are quite expensive, and some are potentially life-threatening, a man has shared a trick that would get one high by just pressing a few points on one’s thumbs. The TikToker who uploaded a video, @alphavile21 explained how by rubbing one’s thumbnails against each other and then applying pressure a little, one would experience a majorly euphoric high feeling. Does it work? Who knows? But it sure went viral. The original clip and account associated with @alphavile21 don’t seem to exist anymore, but plenty of copies remain, like the one below sourced from YouTube. In the clip, the TikTok user could be seen holding out his index finger, as well as his thumb, which was pointed up. 

Man Explains How One Can Get High Using Just Their Thumbnails

After that, the user stated, “Take the thumb of the right hand and sit it right on top of the third digit, facing forward. The thumbnail of the other hand is going to sit across on the thumbnail of the right hand like this. So, this one’s going forward and this one is going opposite.

Soon, he rubbed his thumbnails against the other and added, “I want you to stimulate these nails together like this. Keep stimulating- rub it back and forth, little circles, keep stimulating for 10 seconds.” After that, he took his right hand’s index finger and placed it on his thumbs, and “squeezed the nail beds together.

@alphavile21 | TikTok

The pioneer of getting high with just thumbs then commented, “As you squeeze, within 20 seconds you’ll start to pressure behind your eyes – keep holding if you don’t – you’re going to feel your brain start to wind down, you’re going to feel, like, that euphoric high feeling.” His video soon went viral, and people had mixed reactions to this trick. One user commented, “Who did this and then came to the comments to see if it worked for anybody? It ain’t Friday and ain’t nobody getting high today.” But another wrote, “Who needs caffeine? I’m going to stimulate my thumbnails all day.” A third user commented, “I didn’t get high but I did feel calm and relaxed.” 

So, did you get high using this technique? Write to us in the comments below!

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