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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
October 23, 2023 ·  2 min read

Woman Uses Google ‘cheat code’ to Find Cheapest Flights

With the winter season approaching, the weather is getting better and better, which means more holidays and vacations. With that said, flying can be expensive, so finding cheap flights is a must. One woman has found a ‘cheat code’ that she uses with Google Flights and has decided to share the knowledge. She originally shared it on TikTok and was surprised at how well it worked. The trick lets users compare destinations globally, then, it also shows the best options for flights to get to those places.

The TikTok hack for cheap flights.
Image Credits: TikTok | @aroundtheatlas

The TikTok Trick For Cheap Flights

It did not take long at all for the pretty simple travel hack to gain traction on the social media site. Fans were absolutely gushing regarding all the incredible discounts that popped up in front of their eyes. The user who posted the original clip goes by the username @aroundtheatlas. We promise you that the trick will result in more savings than traveling without having to pay for duties.

The short video shows the influencer, whose work focuses on travel, searching for deals for cheap flights on “Google Flights.” She chose the deals to be applicable for single travelers booking economy class tickets. So far, these are not anything new. Many of us know about and have used Google Flights. However, the step after this is where the trick takes place. For destination, she chooses ‘anywhere,’ and then does not specify any time or date for arrival or departure.

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The result comes in seconds. Google Flights generates a map where cheap return flights are marked out. This includes long-haul options as well. Of course, the cheapest flight destinations can be anywhere across the globe so that you can choose your destination for the tip accordingly! She showed two examples where a flight across the Atlantic to New York cost about $409, and a return trip with Greece as the destination cost only $48. The discovery left her extremely surprised and wondering if anyone else knew about the travel hack because she felt “the world is gatekeeping how insane this is!” On top of the cheap flights, you will also get a list of all the dates available for the flights on one side of your screen, so you have all the tools needed to plan your vacation.

This Isn’t The Only Way To Use The Hack

If you travel in a group, you need not fret because the discounts are not just for single travelers. The app also shows amazing discounts for several people taking the same flight. After being posted on TikTok, the clip has received more than 500,000 views.

To put how cheap the flights are, one user joked: “I could fly back and forth to Europe a couple of times less than it cost to get a train to London.” Another added: “Going to Manchester more expensive than Barcelona.” Furthermore, there was another TikToker who found one more tip for using Google Flights. They had advised people to press the “explore” button, and it should present you with similar results.

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