Kayu Putih in Bali
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Jade Small
January 14, 2024 ·  4 min read

Influencer faces six years in jail after posing naked with 700-year-old tree in Bali

History and culture are taken seriously in many countries. In Bali specifically, there is a lot of spiritual history that they hold with very high regard. With the many tourists and influencers who travel there every year, it is no wonder that Bali takes respecting their heritage very seriously. One influencer crossed a line when she posed naked next to a 700-year-old tree, an icon in their country’s history.

Russian Influencer Visits Bali

It is not an unfamiliar thing to see an influencer busy at work, posing for a photoshoot. The influencer in question is from Russia. Her name is Alina Fazleeva, and she is known for promoting her yoga lifestyle as well as her modeling career, on Instagram. She and her photographer set out one day to snap some pics of Aline wearing no clothing and pressing herself up against the tree. Not long after they were posted to her Instagram account, @Alina_yogi she started getting some serious backlash.

Alina’s post got some very unpleasant attention on social media, and eventually, the commotion she caused had caught the attention of a local businessman from

“Both of them are proven to have carried out activities that endanger public order and do not respect the local norms”

The tree in question is sacred amongst the Balinese people of Indonesia. It is located on a touristic island in Tabanan, at the Babakan Temple. The tree is known as Kayu Putih. It is thought to be a holy tree and it dates back 700 years. Alina had said she “heard the voice of her ancestors” while hugging the tree in the nude. She also said she “was part of an endless chain

Influencer Faces Jail-Time in Bali

The local businessman who reported the photos to the local authorities is called Niluh Djelantik. The couple was arrested, but the police did not charge them with an offense. Instead, they handed the case over to the immigration

The Information and Electronic Transactions Act (ITE) of Indonesia is particularly strict, and they have charged her with “spreading pornography.” She faces either having to pay a rather hefty $100,000, or six years of jail time. 

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She Apologized to Bali Locals for her “Mistake”

Alina made another Instagram post of her praying by the same tree she had desecrated according to Indonesian laws. She claimed she did not know that this tree was sacred because of a lack of signpost. 

Alina wrote: “I apologize to all Balinese and Indonesian people, I regret my actions. I’m so embarrassed, I didn’t mean to offend you in any way, absolutely no knowledge of this place. I just prayed under a tree and went straight to the police station to explain this incident and apologize.” she wrote.

I appeal to my friends and all the guests of Bali. I unknowingly made a big mistake for which I regret and I want to tell you so that you don’t repeat it. There are a lot of sacred places in Bali and not all of them have information signs about it, as in my case. And it is very important to treat these places and traditions with respect. I love Bali with all my heart and once again I apologize to all residents of Bali and ask for forgiveness.”

Alina Fazleeva apologizing after a video showing her posing naked on the acient tree known as Kayu Putih
Alina Fazleeva apologizing after a video showing her posing naked on the acient tree known as Kayu Putih. Image Credit: @alina_yogi | Instagram

In this apology video, she is wearing clothes that cover her whole body. Both she and her partner are praying by the base of the tree and begging for forgiveness. To show her “co-operation,” Alina has reportedly turned herself in as a sign of good faith. 

Local Authorities Reminded Tourists to be Respectful

This is not the only incident of tourists overstepping the boundaries of Indonesia’s laws. There was another Russian influencer called Alesya Kafelnikova,  who posed naked on top of an elephant in Bali. At the time, authorities said the picture (since deleted) “surely does not meet the norms that we are promoting”.

Another incident back in 2020 saw Jeffrey Craigen posting a video of himself on top of Bali’s Mount Batur, doing “the haka” in the nude. He not only offended the local Balinese people, but he also received some backlash from the Maori community for “appropriating” the Haka, which is a sacred and ceremonial dance that forms an important part of their culture. 

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