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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
February 23, 2024 ·  4 min read

In case you’re wondering, there’s a simulation that shows what would happen if you jumped off a pyramid

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you leaped from the summit of a pyramid? The mystery has finally been unraveled thanks to YouTuber Atomic Marvel. In their latest endeavor, they’ve presented a spine-chilling simulation that vividly illustrates the potential aftermath of such a daring jump.1 This simulation provides a mesmerizing look at what occurs when you take a leap off a pyramid.

A Pyramid Leap of Fate

The simulation takes us to the top of a desert pyramid where an individual, appearing well-prepared with an explorer’s hat and a businesslike briefcase, stands poised.2 Dressed in a white shirt, black waistcoat, and trousers, the character exudes determination as they prepare for the monumental plunge.

As the character springs into the void, chaos unfolds. The briefcase slips from their grasp, the hat becomes a fleeting silhouette against the sky, and gravity propels them inexorably towards the sandy expanse below. The inevitable collision with the massive steps of the pyramid serves as a harsh reality check, turning the character into a human crash test dummy. After a series of ricochets, the character lands unceremoniously in the distant sand, signifying an inevitable demise.

Image Credit: Atomic Marvel | YouTube

The simulation has not only captured the attention of viewers but also sparked awe and intrigue. With over 300,000 views on YouTube, the video has garnered numerous comments praising its meticulous attention to physics and graphics on the pyramid. One enthusiastic viewer noted, “These physics and graphics are amazing. Solar illumination and colors are ultra-realistic”. Another chimed in, saying, “Camera distance and horizon blur make it seem like watching real footage, which adds scariness to the viewers. Thanks for this great video”.

Image Credit: Atomic Marvel | YouTube

A keen observer remarked on the character’s daring feat, saying, “That gentleman who jumped cleared a lot of those stone steps! Just wish the camera was a bit closer so we could see all the ragdoll effects on the model as it hit the steps and all the physics involved“. Adding to the discussion, another viewer humorously noted, “With how long that pyramid has been around, the odds that someone jumped off of it exactly like that are definitely not zero”.

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Beyond Pyramids: Atomic Marvel’s Terrifying Simulations

While this pyramid simulation is gripping, it’s far from Atomic Marvel’s first foray into spine-chilling simulations. The YouTube channel has previously provided a vivid glimpse into the nightmarish scenario of being sucked into a jet airplane engine.

This simulation leaves nothing to the imagination about the dire consequences of such an accident. The sequence depicts a human figure being inexorably drawn into the engine’s vortex, disintegrating rapidly into minuscule crimson particles, akin to a tomato liquefying in a blender. Close-up shots ruthlessly portray the swift arrival of mortality, as the animated human is reduced to mere fragments within a matter of seconds.

Image Credit: Atomic Marvel | YouTube

Unlocking Education With Simulation Learning

In response to the limitations of traditional in-person professional development for college students, simulation learning emerges as a potent alternative[^3^]. Recent research demonstrates the effectiveness of simulations, particularly those employing virtual reality, in delivering instruction and enhancing information retention.

Notably, the pioneering work of Atomic Marvel in this field has illuminated the transformative potential of simulation learning.

Simulation learning is a dynamic strategy employed by educators to not only convey theoretical concepts (like pyramid jumping) but also to offer students practical outlets for applying newfound skills, knowledge, and ideas in environments mirroring real-world scenarios. This immersive technique equips learners with invaluable experience, allowing them to navigate challenges and hone competencies through trial and error within a safe and controlled context.

Diverse Simulation Approaches

The world of simulation learning is a vibrant spectrum, offering a rich tapestry of approaches that cater to diverse learning preferences and contexts. As education continues to evolve, so do the methods that bring real-world experiences into the realm of learning. Let’s delve into the diverse simulation approaches that shape the landscape:

Interactive web-based simulations are like digital laboratories that empower learners to manipulate on-screen components. These applications act as dynamic playgrounds for experimenting with complex concepts spanning a variety of subjects.

For instance, budding chemists can simulate intricate chemical reactions, while aspiring architects can design and modify virtual structures. Learners engage with theory in an interactive manner, gaining practical insights that go beyond traditional textbooks.

In conclusion, simulation-based learning transforms education and offers learners valuable hands-on experience in a safe and controlled environment. Atomic Marvel’s simulations provide captivating insights into the world of simulation learning, where the boundary between theory and practice blurs, and skills are honed through immersive experiences – even if they’re about silly pyramid theoretical.  

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