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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
February 24, 2023 ·  2 min read

Non-cents! Scottish Lottery Winner Colin Weir Blew Record-Breaking $50M in 8 Years Before Death

Some people spend their days fanaticizing about what it’d be like to have enough money to retire early, have good health benefits, or just live a life of luxury and adventure. For a lucky few, that fantasy may become reality. For even fewer, that goal may just be helped along, beyond our wildest dreams by the oddity of becoming a lottery winner. In the case of Colin Weir, having won one of the biggest jackpots in UK history, he had no problems spending money in order to attain a life of luxury.

Average Citizen Becomes Lottery Winner

Colin, a former cameraman for Scottish broadcaster STV, was married to psychiatric nurse Christine. The pair had enjoyed a humble life together but in 2011, their lives would change for the better. Colin became a EuroMillions lottery winner, earning nearly $50 million USD. This made him the second-highest lottery winner in UK history, at that time.

Spending for the Sake of Luxury

Colin spent more than an estimated $131,000 per week on his newfound lavish lifestyle. The lottery winner spent his earnings on luxury vehicles including a vintage Bentley Arnage. He also purchased a 55% share of Glasgow’s Partick Thistle Football Club, prized racehorses, and a $6 million home. He and his wife would later spend a few more million on renovations to the property. The couple also established a charitable trust. Reportedly, the trust had been targeted three times by fraudulent activity, with the police becoming involved in 2015.

Tragedy Strikes

Unfortunately, 2018 would bring about another sign of bad luck, as most lottery winners inevitably face. He and his wife divorced. Although separations are hard for anyone, the added financial gain played a major part in his downfall. After all, the lottery winner had already spent millions, and after his divorce, he was left with only a small fraction of the remaining winnings.

The majority of what was left would be awarded to his now ex, wife, including their shared multimillion-dollar home. Following his divorce, Colin spent around $1.3 million on a waterfront home that would be his residence for his remaining days. His tragic ending would continue as in 2019, less than a year after his divorce, he passed away from sepsis after an ” acute kidney injury” according to The Independent. In most cases, sepsis is caused by a bacterial infection, in this case likely stemming from his kidney injury. For whatever reason, his body was unable to fight the infection, eventually succumbing to septic shock.

Colin was 72 years old at the time of his passing and left behind 2 children. Estimates show he spent nearly $40 million prior to his death. After his death, the children were granted his leftover money. Although his earnings had dissipated significantly after his divorce, in his heyday, the lottery winner from North Ayrshire, Scotland, maintained an exquisite life of luxury.

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