Listen to the Man Who Holds the Record for Lowest Vocal Note Sung by a Human.

Music has a way of calming the soul and bringing people together, and with enough creativity, anything can become a musical instrument, including the human body. Hands, thighs, and voices can all be utilized to create a beautiful musical sound. Tim Storms has a beautiful and gravelly deep voice, that’s gotten him to the world record for holding the lowest vocal note.


Meeting the Man with an Astounding Voice

Tim Storms was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1972. Four days after his high school graduation, he pursued a career in Christian music. Finding his passion early on, he performed in multiple countries with several singing groups. He’d gained momentum in the music industry. However, he didn’t have quite enough attention yet, to win the record for lowest vocal note. On the other hand, his life would improve in 2012.

Tim Storms
Tim Storms holds the world record for the lowest vocal note. Image credit: Alpha Sound | YouTube

Winning the Record for Lowest Vocal Note

Decca Records held an international competition, ‘Bass Hunter,’ with composer Paul Mealor. Mealor had composed two pieces that were selected for the album Tranquility Voices of Deep Calm. The Twelve Brigands and ‘De Profundis’, the latter featuring a groundbreaking note. The note was the lowest tone in classical music history, six semitones lower than the lowest note previously composed, a ‘B’ flat.


‘Bass Hunter’ took place in search of an artist who could sing a groundbreaking low ‘E’ note. Storms caught wind of the competition and submitted an audition tape. Astonishing the judges with his vocal range of 10 octaves, he was not only able to meet the requirements, but he was also able to sing two octaves lower, earning him the world record for lowest vocal note. He won the competition! Later in 2012, the album was recorded featuring the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir and revolutionized classical music.

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Graciously Taking it all In

Holding the record for lowest vocal note hasn’t prevented him from feeling gratitude for the opportunities he’s been given. “I’ve always had an appreciation for classical music, but I’ve never been an active listener,” Storms told Classic FM in 2012. “And then I heard the St Petersburg Chamber Choir and got to sing with them, and it completely changed the way I feel about it.”


Today’s Endeavors

More than a decade after winning, he still holds the record for the lowest vocal note. Most recently, Storms has recorded several YouTube videos. Storms explores his vocal abilities and demonstrates his record-holding, lowest vocal note.


‘Practice Makes Perfect’ is a cliche with which almost every artist is familiar. However, some skills can’t be taught or picked up. They are natural gifts that someone is born with. Although one can learn to nurture, control, and manipulate those gifts, they are natural gifts that an artist is born with. In this case, Tim Storms is Bass singer with an incredible range and the world record for holding the lowest vocal note.

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