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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
March 31, 2021 ·  5 min read

707-Pound Man Refused to Lose Weight, Said ‘I’ll Eat ‘Til I’m Dead’ Where is He Now?

Just a few years ago at age 34, Casey King was 707 pounds, had no money, no job, and lived with his dad. Featured on TLC’s Family By The Ton, viewers knew King as “the man who refused to lose weight”. (1) Now weighing 310 pounds, he has had quite the health journey – and it’s not over yet. (2)

Casey King: The Man Who Refused to Lose Weight

Casey King is known from season two of Family By The Ton as the man who refuses to lose weight. In the first episode of the show he was quoted saying:

“I was just eating ’til I’m dead,” he said on camera. “I never would’ve thought at 34 I’d be living with my father, I’d have no job, have no real money, and just be playing video games all day and eating.” (1)

He needed his father for nearly everything, including even wiping himself after going to the washroom. (1) Since then, however, he has had a dramatic turnaround. Now, a couple of years later, he weighs 310 pounds and is still working towards his goal of 250 pounds. (2)

A Dramatic Transformation

When the show first started filming King and his cousins Amy and Amanda’s journeys, King was at an all-time low. (3) He very much blamed his parents for the way he was and didn’t really see a way out. His weight prevented him from keeping his job and he had no real path in life. (4)

“My mom said, ‘To live in this house you have to have a job,’ so she kicked me out and the only place I had to go was my father’s, so I went there. Basically, his one thing he knew made me happy was food so we just ate like kings, but in the worse way.” (4)

With the guidance of a doctor, Casey and his father made major changes to his diet and exercise habits. His mother also got involved to help him implement the changes. King then underwent weight loss surgery to move the process along. (4)

Image Credit: Casey King-TLC Family By The Ton | Facebook

Now nearly 400 pounds lighter, his life is looking quite different.

He Has a Job

King had to quit his job previously because his weight made it too difficult for him to work. As he gained more and more pounds, his ability to have a job became a pipe dream. (2)

Today, he works at Home Depot. In a post that he shared on both his Facebook and Instagram pages, he thanked Home Depot for hiring him during a time when job hunting is so difficult. (2)

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A post shared by Casey King | Family by the Ton (@caseyking_fbtt)

“I truly appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given and I’m trying to really take it all in and enjoy it. I didn’t know if I’d be capable of handling the hours, working night shift, and just the responsibility involved but here I am #thriving .” He wrote. (2)

He Can Fly Comfortably

In the past, flying was always extremely uncomfortable for King, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Before, he required a seatbelt extension. Often those assigned to the seat next to him requested a different one because it was uncomfortable for them, too. (2)

Now, he can fly just like the “normal” people do. (2)

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A post shared by Casey King | Family by the Ton (@caseyking_fbtt)

“I immediately got emotional because it’s something I overly worried about, I didn’t wanna be the guy that made someone request a different seat, I didn’t wanna be the guy that made someone uncomfortable, I didn’t wanna be the guy that needed an extension, I didn’t wanna be the person I used to be and have all these things that I needed to be comfortable.” he explained. “I just wanted to be #normal and #blend in with everyone else.” (2)

He’s Happier Than Ever Before

Recently, King celebrated his 36th birthday with a small birthday party with some friends and family. He shared pictures on his Instagram of him on his 35th birthday compared to this year, and the transformation is truly amazing. (2)

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A post shared by Casey King | Family by the Ton (@caseyking_fbtt)

In his caption, he wrote:

“Feels good to turn 36 and know I still have years of life left to live, #happyandhealthy and feeling damn good. Thanks for the love, thanks for the birthday messages, thanks for the endless support. I appreciate you all, take care of yourselves and enjoy the upcoming holidays.” (2)

He Isn’t Done Yet

King is extremely proud of his progress, however, he makes it quite clear that he isn’t done yet. With his goal weight in sight, he will continue to work hard and continue on his lifestyle journey.

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A post shared by Casey King | Family by the Ton (@caseyking_fbtt)

“Focus on what you want in life and where you wanna be, anything is possible if you work for it. Apparently I’m an example of that, just quoting someone else.” He wrote on Instagram. “I’m not exactly where I wanna be but I’m definitely working towards it, #thanks for the #love and support.” (2)

Refused to lose weight? More like refusing to give up!

King has come a long way from when couldn’t wear anything but sweat clothes and had to bathe in a trough outside. (1) “The man who refused to lose weight” is now an example of how it is never too late to turn your life around. With determination and external help, anything is possible.

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