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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 28, 2024 ·  3 min read

‘I’m a millionaire with a penthouse, but I hide my wealth from my family’

Being wealthy does not mean you are exempt from all the struggles in life. It means that any other family members might send you a message every now and then, asking for a loan that may or may not be paid back. One family claims they have found the secret to avoiding free-loading family members. They have developed a knack for hiding wealth. They pretend they do not have much money by living in a small apartment instead of a large mansion. Or, in their case, a penthouse sweet.

Greedy Family

A multi-millionaire, who wishes to remain anonymous, has revealed their trick to living unbothered by family members. They started hiding wealth from their family because their parents assumed they were rich after they saw the first salary they earned from their job. From there, they were asked to pay for every meal they had when eating. Additionally, they were expected to pay for their parents to visit, buy them many gifts, and more.

My parents automatically thought I was now “rich” and their behavior changed. They insisted I treat them with my first paycheck and pay for them to visit me,” they wrote on Reddit. “I naively did, and they didn’t spend one penny for the whole month they ‘visited’ me. Looking back at it they didn’t care much about me, they just wanted a free vacation and made me their tour guide.”

Moreover, the parents even asked if they would contribute to their younger sibling’s school fees. “When I visit back home, they’d expect me to bring them lots of gifts and pay every time we went out,” they wrote. “They even started telling me that I should contribute and pay for my siblings’ university tuition.”

Hiding Wealth

The burdens this multi-millionaire had from their expecting parents were too much to handle. So, they devised a plan for hiding their wealth. They earned their wealth by starting up their own entrepreneurial business when the pandemic hit. However, after their parents discovered how lucrative their business was, they started asking for money. So, the anonymous millionaire lied and told their parents their business failed. “They immediately stopped reaching out and unless I called I never heard from them,” they said.

They pretend to live in a tiny apartment
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Then, they decided to rent a small apartment as a method for hiding wealth. They filled it with furniture and family photos so that it seemed they lived there permanently. When, in reality, they lived in a penthouse suite. “Now when they visit, they pay for their own flights, and they don’t go out much,” said the millionaire. “I also rent a small apartment and tell them that’s where I live – I actually live in a penthouse. I use public transport with them. I don’t care if it takes two buses and two trains unless they want to pay for a cab that’s what we’re doing.”

Just Imagine…

The millionaire hiding wealth from their family even go as far as to imagine what it must be like to be rich enough to live in an expensive area. “We go walk around the neighborhood, where I actually live, and we fantasize about what it would be like to live in one of those places. I keep two suitcases packed with all my old clothes and I keep three boxes with all my usual dinnerware, books, etc.”

They imagine what it must be like to live in penthouse suites
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They still love their family and they do not want to cut them out of their life officially. So, they keep hiding wealth from them. “I still like my family and I don’t want to completely cut them off. I like having them around and it’s fun for me too. I will never tell them and they will always know me as that poor family member struggling abroad.”

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