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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 9, 2024 ·  4 min read

‘I’ve already spent $73,000 on surgery and I have no plans to stop any time soon’

A gender-neutral individual working in an office, who spent $73,000 in Botox, fillers, and cosmetic surgery to look like a doll, emphasizes that their identity is not exclusively female. Patrick Mast, a 27-year-old from Frankfurt, Germany, has undergone multiple procedures to enhance their feminine appearance, including a recent cost of $3,000 on a complete set of veneers.

Possessing bleach-blonde hair, long eyelashes, and full lips, Patrick is frequently mistaken for a woman. However, they are firm in their stance that they do not seek to alter their gender. And are solely interested in attaining a ‘plastic look’.

Patrick Mast has such a feminine look, they decided to use this to their advantage
Image Credit: @patrichaflatwood / Instagram

They started at 18 with plastic surgery, thereafter having numerous alterations done

Patrick, who started their cosmetic procedures at the age of 18, expresses a love for the doll-like aesthetic and pursued a more feminine appearance due to their naturally feminine look. They clarify, “I don’t wish to undergo a gender transition like many individuals who share a similar path.”

“However, it feels more natural for me to adopt feminine facial characteristics because my features were not overtly masculine. I enjoy transitioning between male and female roles.” Since developing a fascination at 18, Patrick now regularly receives lip, chin, under-eye, and cheek fillers on a monthly basis, accompanied by Botox injections every three months.

In their quest for the desired appearance, Patrick has grown a total spend of $56,000 on Botox and other cosmetic treatments since their initial visit to an aesthetic salon. Additionally, they have had rhinoplasty and facelift.

Partick Mast before most of their procedures
Image Credit: @patrichaflatwood

In love with the ‘plastic’ look, Patrick has no intention of slowing down

Patrick enthusiastically declares, “I am captivated by the plastic look! Dolls possess flawless, symmetrical faces, and that’s precisely what I desired, so I enhanced my features to achieve it. I embrace this appearance because it showcases my dedication to self-care and my perfectionistic nature. I have invested a considerable amount of money in surgeries, and I have no intention of halting my pursuit anytime soon.”

Regarding the Ken doll aesthetic, Patrick veered away from it due to the challenges in attaining it, given their naturally feminine look. They explain, “I believe it would be more challenging to resemble Ken with my inherent traits. Additionally, I genuinely enjoy feminine aspects, such as experimenting with makeup and various wigs. To me, it’s not crucial whether someone perceives me as a man or a woman. What truly matters is my happiness, and this appearance brings me joy.”

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Patrick Mast is in love with surgery
Image Credit: @patrichaflatwood / Instagram

People are judgemental, but that’s no worry for Patrick – they’re happy with their choices

While walking down the street, Patrick frequently draws attention, eliciting stares and snickers. However, they confidently assert that they pay no heed to the opinions of others. They express, “I comprehend why people gaze at me because I look different. I’ve even been called a monster by a stranger, but it doesn’t faze me.”

During an interview in January of the previous year, Patrick revealed that they were single following a divorce and hopeful of meeting an open-minded man who accepts plastic surgery. However, they have had to face numerous cruel critics throughout the years.

“I appreciate the attention I receive after undergoing a procedure,” Patrick mentioned last year. “However, not all of that attention is positive. I’ve been labeled as a monster, but in the end, everyone has the right to present themselves as they wish. My appearance causes more trouble for others than it does for me. The decision to undergo surgery is mine, and I am fully aware of the consequences I must live with.”

Patrick also shared the experience of being seen as unintelligent solely based on their Barbie-like appearance. They added, “If people took the time to chat with me, they would realize that I’m actually quite ordinary and intelligent.”

Continuing the discussion, Patrick revealed, “I simply adore the artificial look. While growing up, I would observe individuals who had undergone extensive surgeries and appreciate how affluent they appeared, as if they genuinely prioritized their self-care. Ultimately, my aim is to achieve a doll-like, expressionless aesthetic.”

They can be whoever they want to be
Image Credit: @patrichaflatwood / Instagram

In 2019 alone, Patrick underwent several procedures, including multiple Botox injections, a blepharoplasty to remove excess fat or skin from the eyelids, a nose job, and laser surgery to eliminate freckles.

Patrick shared their decision-making process: “I discovered a doctor specializing in small Barbie-style noses online, based in Istanbul, Turkey. I thought, ‘That’s the perfect doctor for me.’ So, in March, I traveled from Germany to Turkey for the operation. Simultaneously, I also underwent a lip lift to reduce the gap between my upper lip and the newly shaped nose.”

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