People Are Putting Bars of Soap In Their Garden And It Is So Smart

During COVID lockdowns, I found myself living much of my life out on a farm. One absolutely amazing bonus was the freedom and time to start my own veggie garden. One thing is for sure, farm-life has the same garden pests ready to gobble up all your hard work! After a tad bit of research, I discovered a hack that blew my mind! Did you know that you can put bars of soap in your garden to keep said pesky pests out of your tomatoes, cucumbers, or whatever you have going growing?

Why you should put bars of soap in your garden

Firstly, mice – do not get me started. These little nibblers are the main culprit in my garden and inside my house. They love gnawing on the fruit and veggies in my garden![1]


Mice teeth are constantly growing, they never stop. So just like human babies, they chew just about everything to soothe the growing pains. This means that even if you put a mini greenhouse or some sort of shelter over and around your garden they will gnaw themselves through and gorge themselves sleepily. This is why soap might be the best answer for you! I cut up bars of soap into small blocks and laid them out, as a sort of barrier, surrounding my garden.[1]


The same goes for bunnies – as cute as they may be, they wreak havoc around my lettuce patch. To remedy this, you put bars of soap in your garden! Try cutting shavings of it, or cutting it up – your choice – and placing it inside some old pantyhose or one of those nifty mesh bags (which are great for a no-plastic policy at the supermarket) and hang them around your garden. You can be sure that any deer in the area will get one whiff of the chemical soap small, and they will not think twice about running back into their forest to graze on the wild vegetation.


Which soap works best?

It has been appraised over the DIY communities that the soap called Irish Spring is the best option because of its uncanny scent of eucalyptus. One thing is for sure, not all critters will have the same reaction and not all soaps will ward off critters as well as another. I suggest cutting up small blocks, leaving them out, but not too much, and keeping an eye on your garden. If there are droppings of any form or bite chunks taken out of the soap, this might not be the best method for you.[2]

Let us know if you give this a try and let us know how it works!


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