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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 9, 2024 ·  2 min read

Employment Lawyer Warns: “Your Coworkers Are Not Your Family. Your Boss Is Not Your Friend.”

We have always heard of horror work environments where the situation has been too toxic. In fact, there have been recent news reports of employees quitting en masse. And while we may consider ourselves lucky to never face such a situation, others aren’t so fortunate. Reading the stories about such bosses makes it easy for one to understand why an employee would quit. Now, while you may find it soothing to slam the door in your boss’s face, things could go south. The better option is being safer than sorry. Before fully committing to the job, you can always sniff out the red flags. Interestingly, it is precisely for this reason that Delyanne, an employment lawyer, has certain words of wisdom for us.

The employment lawyer with a very helpful advice.
Image Credits: @Delyannethemoneycoach | TikTok

Employment Lawyer Talks About Making Friends In The Office

On April 14th, this employment attorney uploaded a video on TikTok that resonated with many. The video was centered around a single warning- beware of your work environment. Delyanne stated, “I’m going to say this for your own good, your coworkers are not your family, your boss is not your friend, and your company is not your community or your tribe.” Now, there are obviously situations where you would end up making friends with your coworkers, but it is also quite possible that they might end up taking advantage of you. Do you really want to put yourself in that position where someone could betray you for the company?

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In the words of Delyanne, “I worked as an employment attorney for 14 years and I saw very loyal employees be treated like garbage when (expletive) hit the fan.” When the trust gets broken, it can get pretty difficult to find solace in such a job. Especially, when one gets betrayed by the very people they considered to be family.

In another video, the employment lawyer went on to mention that this warning applies to every department of the company. In fact, this would even be applicable to the human resources department of the company. This is because she mentioned that the job of the department is representing the company. They would also have to make sure that the company faces the least amount of liability. It is for this very reason that one shouldn’t expect the HR department to be on their side.

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This employment lawyer has made this TikTok account to help others gather a nice retirement egg. Therefore, if a company did betray their employee, one would have a cushion to save them. This will further allow them to quit the job while making do with their savings. She has called this finance an “FU fund.”

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