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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 10, 2023 ·  3 min read

Teenage carpenter spends two years building his own tiny, wooden house in parents’ garden

Personal space is important to us all, especially to teenagers. At that age, we feel like we know everything and mostly just want to be left alone. Some chose to isolate themselves in their room while others try to spend as much time as they can outside the house. But Thomas Lear has taken it a step further and has used his skills as a junior carpenter to build himself a tiny wooden house down the bottom of his folks garden. 

Tiny wooden house for teen 

A young man from the UK decided that he did not want to spend the rest of his adult life paying rent for a place he does not love, so he built himself a tiny wooden house on his parent’s land. For only £6000, Thomas was able to build a tiny wooden house with a fully functioning shower and flushing toilet and a wood fire stove and room for four. Of course, he is extremely proud of himself as he can now live the ‘stress-free and simple life‘ he always wanted.

After two years of work, he was finally finished and said, “I built it all from scratch on a budget” He added;

“I just want to live a stress-free, simple life and not have to spend all my money on rent. I own everything here, and that puts me at ease.”

Regardless of how awesome his little home is, Thomas went on to say that the only thing he really misses about a normal house is the space as he has way too many things that just will not fit in the tiny wooden house.[1]

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How he did it 

The house, says Thomas, is also eco-friendly as the water for his shower comes from a rainwater harvesting system that can store up to 50 liters of water.[1] [2]

I am only able to take five-minute showers before the water turns ice cold; otherwise, I have to wait 30 minutes for it to re-heat. The toilet is a chemical one, as you might find in a caravan and requires emptying, but it has a fully working flush.” 

Thomas has used his lack of space very well, in order to get to his bed, he must pull down a ladder from the ceiling. He says;

I had very little experience with building my home and had to use YouTube tutorials and get advice from my family members. I also have little to no experience with plumbing which is why my bathroom is so basic and has a rustic farmhouse feel” 

Afterward, he goes on to say that his 82-year-old grandfather helped him with the electrical wiring and his father helped with the plumbing.

Other than that, I did everything myself and dedicated every weekend to the build”

How to build a tiny wooden house 

Thomas says that the most difficult part of the building process was the roof. This is because he had to make certain there were no leaks. This can be tricky when you are using reclaimed materials from building websites and Gumtree.

Of course, the young builder says that it is crucial to budget and stick to it. Finally, he made a list of the items used and their cost to assist others who may want to do the same.[2]

  • Paint – £50
  • Windows and doors – £50 each 
  • All timber – £2000 
  • Roof – £450 
  • Insulation – £300 
  • Kitchen – £200 
  • Decking – £100 
  • Plumbing – £250
  • Appliances – £500
  • Flooring – £160
  • Cladding – £350
  • Log burner – £400 
  • Screws – £50
  • Toilet – £120 
  • Guttering – £55
  • Shower – £165 

The grand total comes up to £6000. That’s roughly $8,300 USD.

Tiny houses History

The tiny house movement has been around for a lot longer than you may think. Specifically, in the early ’70s, an artist named Allan Wexler pursued the idea of living in compact spaces that allowed him to promote his art. Also, in ‘73, authors Loyd Kahn and Bob Easton released a book called “shelter,” highlighting the many benefits of living in a compact space. Also, It is has been rumored that Marie Antoinette was the first to boast a tiny home.

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