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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
December 13, 2023 ·  2 min read

These Eye-Catching Bricks Are Made from Textile Waste

While studying architecture in 2017, Clarisse Merlet was shocked when she learned how much waste the construction industry produced. The amount of textile waste from the fashion industry shocked her even further. To solve both problems, she invented these eye-catching bricks made entirely of old, tossed-away clothing. This is FabBRICK. (1)

Eye-Catching Bricks Made of Old Clothing

Merlet and FabBRICK are working hard to solve the waste problem in both the fashion and construction industry, both in France and around the world. That’s why she has designed these eye-catching bricks made of discarded clothes and a special glue she developed herself. (1)

Europe wastes about 4 million tons of textiles each year. (1) The United States produces about 17 million tons of textile waste. Globally, of course, this number is bigger still. (2) There is also plenty of waste and the over-use of non-renewable materials in the construction industry. FabBRICK tackles both of these problems by creating bricks out of old clothing. (1)

FabBRICK compressed textile brick
Image credit: FabBRICK / Instagram

In Each FabBRICK

Each FabBRICK is made out of approximately three recycled t-shirts-worth of recycled clothing. They are held together using a bioecological glue that Merlet invented herself. They have already created more than 40,000 bricks, equalling more than 12 tons of recycled textiles. (1)

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The cloth is purchased pre-shredded and then mixed with the glue. From there, the machine that FabBRICK also invented themselves is used to press the bricks together. (3)

eye-catching FabBRICKS turned into a clothing display.
Image Credit: FabBRICK / Instagram

The eye-catching bricks are fire-proof and make for excellent insulation and sound-proofing material. (1)

Mask Bricks

Currently, FabBRICK is working on bricks made from discarded masks. The team has successfully created bricks made from masks. However, they are still working to make them fire-resistant. (3)

FabBRICKS In The Real World

Currently, FabBRICKS are not usable for structural work like buildings and homes. However, they are excellent for partitions and decorative walls in retail stores, sound-roofing and insulation, and some furniture items such as lamps, tables, stools, and other items. (3)

eye-catching FabBRICK turned into a lamp.
Image Credit: FabBRICK / Instagram

Interested in learning more about FabBRICKS or want to commission the team for your home or business? Click here to visit their website and get in touch.

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