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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
November 6, 2023 ·  5 min read

Swedish Man Shows How He Lives By Giving Tour of His Tiny Apartment

In a world where minimalism and sustainable living are gaining prominence, one Swedish man is redefining the concept of cozy living spaces. He recently gave a tour of his tiny apartment, showcasing how he maximizes every inch of space to create a comfortable and functional home. This article will explore his innovative approach to small-space living, as well as feature other Swedish tiny apartments that exemplify the trend.

Swedish man giving apartment tour
Image Credit: The Fish Slappee | Youtube

Swedish Man Shows How He Lives By Giving a Tour of His Tiny Apartment

A man known as The Fish Slappee on YouTube has given a tour of his tiny apartment in the center of Stockholm. The apartment is just 23 square meters (247 sq ft). However, he shows us how he maximizes his space in a humorous way. He starts off by showing us the front entranceway, which is a simple hallway with closet space for his clothing, jackets, and shoes. On his lefthand side, there is a door which leads to the bathroom. He shows the small amount of cabinet space, the bathroom art he has put up, as well as the shower. He points out that the one disappointing feature is that there is no bathtub.

bedroom in Swedish apartment
Image Credit: The Fish Slappee | Youtube

From there, he moves to the kitchen. He quips that, while it is small, it is still a bigger cooking space than his apartment from when he used to live in Japan. Here, he says, he has three burners on his stovetop, not just two. He shows us the fridge and freezer as well, and what is in his cupboards. While showing his cupboard space, he mentions that while it is sufficient for one person, he doesn’t think that there is enough room to accommodate the food requirements for two people.

Kitchen in Swedish apartment
Image Credit: The Fish Slappee | Youtube


Before continuing his apartment tour, he stops to explain where he lives and how much he pays. The apartment is very central in Stockholm. Despite its location, he pays just 5,131 Swedish krona (about $470 US). It’s hard to imagine having rent so low for living right in the center of any major city, that’s for certain. He states that this is very inexpensive for the location in the Swedish capital. He explains how he got it and the Swedish apartment hunting system. The apartment is a short-term contract, however, so he could only live there for around two years. He explains that the price is all-inclusive except for the internet, which he pays separately.

toilet and sink in Swedish apartment
Image Credit: The Fish Slappee | Youtube

The Main Room

He completes the tour by showing us the main room of the house, which acts as a bedroom, office, and living room all in one. He shows us his bookshelf, a gift his mother gave him for his 30th birthday, his bike, his plants, and his two guitars. Next, he showed us his bed, which he explained he bought second-hand for 400 krona ($36 US). He shows us the view from the window, saying that he is “ridiculously lucky” that he is on the 7th floor.

main room and office in small Swedish apartment
Image Credit: The Fish Slappee | Youtube

Finally, he shows his small office space, with bookshelves that he built with his dad. He explains that he loves his tiny space and that it has everything that he needs. While he won’t be living there for much longer, it has served him well over the last two years.

The Average Living Space in Sweden

According to recent statistics by Statistics Sweden, the average living space per person in Sweden is 42 square meters (sqm). However, living in one- or two-dwelling buildings, particularly those with ownership rights, provides more space per person, averaging around 47 sqm. On the other hand, individuals living in multi-dwelling buildings have slightly less space per person, with households in tenant-owned flats averaging 39 sqm and households in rented dwellings averaging 34 sqm. (2)

Exploring Tiny Apartments in Sweden

The Swedish man who showcased his tiny apartment is not alone. Many Swedes have embraced the concept of compact living, focusing on simplicity and functionality. Let’s take a closer look at some other Swedish tiny apartments (3):

Apartment in Tingsryd Municipality

Tingsryd municipality boasts one of the largest average living spaces per person at 54 sqm. Despite the small size, residents have found creative solutions to maximize functionality. Multi-purpose furniture, built-in storage, and clever space utilization are common features in these tiny apartments.

Compact Living in Stockholm Municipality

Contrary to Tingsryd, Stockholm municipality has one of the smallest average living spaces per person, measuring just 33 sqm. Due to high population density, many residents live in multi-dwelling buildings with smaller apartments. However, this has not dampened their innovative spirit. Numerous Stockholm residents have ingeniously designed their small apartments to be both stylish and practical.

Unique Solutions in Emmaboda Municipality

In Emmaboda municipality, with an average living space of 53 sqm, residents have implemented unique solutions to make the most of their compact homes. From loft beds to wall-mounted folding tables, these creative designs showcase the ingenuity of Swedish minimalists.

The Advantages of Tiny Apartments

Living in a tiny apartment offers several advantages. Firstly, it encourages a decluttered lifestyle, forcing occupants to prioritize their belongings and live with only what they truly need. Additionally, smaller spaces are easier to maintain and require less energy for heating and cooling, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, the reduced cost of rent or mortgage payments enables individuals to save money or invest in other aspects of their lives.

Compact Lifestyle

The Swedish man who shared his tiny apartment has inspired many individuals to rethink their living spaces. By showcasing the possibilities of minimalistic living, he highlights the benefits of embracing a smaller footprint. The examples of various Swedish tiny apartments demonstrate that size does not always equate to comfort and functionality. With innovative design solutions and a focus on simplicity, Swedes are proving that living small can be both stylish and sustainable.

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