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A Tiny Cabin Is Built in Three Weeks For Only $10.5K

A young designer from Finland has bypassed building permits and created a tiny cabin home, which is quite affordable too. The home is under 100 sq. feet.

Houses that have a floor area between 96-128 sq. feet do not need a building permit, in Finland. Robin Falck chose to build a tiny cabin in Sipoo and kept his home under 100 sq. feet.

The tiny cabin in the woods
Image Credits: Robin Falck | Dwell

In 2010, I wanted to build a place of my own. I found this beautiful plot and I set out to design a compact getaway for myself. I also wanted to maximize this small space, use local, recycled materials, and build it myself,” explained Robin Falck. He named the cabin Nido which translates to “bird’s nest” in Latin. 

The simple floor plan of the cabin
Image Credits: Robin Falck | Dwell

Falck was able to save a lot on the cost of the building permit. He also used recycled materials for the bulk of his construction. All these had reduced his expenses on this project and the total cost was approximately $10,500.

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Interesting Facts About The Tiny Cabin In Finland

The colors that were chosen to build the cabin were inspired by the color of a massive boulder near the site of the cabin. The color scheme of the interiors was also similar. Falck had built most of this home by himself but needed some assistance to build the door and window frames. For that, he hired a local carpenter.

There is also a spacious deck, right next to the cabin. It is raised above the ground with the help of some wooden stilts. 

A spacious deck is present beside the cabin
Image Credits: Robin Falck | Dwell

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Sticking with the essentials and eliminating all unnecessary elements, Falck created a floor plan that includes a lower level and a sleeping loft. The loft has just enough room for a bed and storage for his clothes.

There is also the 50 sq. feet loft which faces a window. You can catch a glimpse of the amazing tree canopies through the frames. This is present right above the living lounge.

The tiny cabin's window points towards the stunning canopies
Image Credits: Robin Falck | Dwell

The living lounge is where Falck relaxes and looks out. He can keep an eye out through the massive window that is spread across both floors. The massive window catches a beautiful view of the nearby lake and also brings in sunlight to illuminate the interiors. The cabin was designed in such a way that it got the maximum space available to it and also improve the flow of light and acoustics.

A worker building the cabin
Image Credits: Robin Falck | Dwell

Most of the building materials were also carried to the site, by hand. This was done to avoid any further damage to the natural landscapes.

Falck had also designed a 97 sq. feet Nolla Cabin. It is an eco-friendly and affordable vacation rental off the coast of Helsinki. You can check it out here.

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