Mount Vesuvius
Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 14, 2024 ·  2 min read

US tourist fell into Mount Vesuvius after taking selfie and ignoring signs

Mount Vesuvius is one of the most famous volcanoes in human history. The famous Pompeii Disaster in 79 AD is its claim to fame. However, the volcano remains active to this date. The volcano along with the buried city is a popular destination for tourists. However, a US tourist became a bit too obsessed with the volcano.[1]

According to Italian Police, a 23-year-old Baltimore man climbed up a hidden and blocked-off trail to the top of Mount Vesuvius. Two relatives accompanied the man, according to Naples’ provincial command’s carabinieri. 2 more tourists from Britain were also seen on the trail.[2]

The Tourist And Mount Vesuvius

Phillip Carroll, the Baltimore resident in question had hiked to the top of Mount Vesuvius from Ottaviano town. Paolo Cappelli, Presidio Permanente Vesuvio’s president, informed NBC News that Carroll had trespassed on an unauthorized hiking trail to get there. The trail was marked off with “no access” boards and had a tiny gate.

At the top of the volcano, Carroll tried to take a selfie. His phone slipped and dropped inside the crater. Carroll then attempted to recover the device, however, he slipped as well and fell a couple of meters into Mount Vesuvius’ crater. Fortunately, he arrested the fall but he was already too far down to climb back up without help.

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A guide shows Carroll's injuries.
Image Credits: Guide Vulcanologiche Vesuvio | NBC News

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Cappelli added that Carroll was fortunate because a little further would have meant a 300m plunge directly into the volcano’s crater. Carroll’s luck didn’t end there as he only suffered cuts and scratches to his back and arms during the fall.

Guides had spotted the fall with binoculars from the rim’s opposite side and made their way as quickly as they could to aid Carroll. They finally saved him using a rope. The locals called an ambulance to treat him but Carroll was reluctant to visit the hospital.|

A day later, someone appearing to be Phillip’s brother posted an Instagram video claiming to show the top of Mount Vesuvius. Cappelli reported that the authorities arrested Phillip. However, the prosecutor is yet to decide the charges against his party, if any.

Even a dormant Mount Vesuvius remains dangerous, courtesy of a selfie.

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