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Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson
May 10, 2021 ·  4 min read

Two Tiny Houses and a Sunroom Combine To Comfortably Fit a Family of Four

The idea of a sunroom would immediately seem contradictory to the whole concept of a tiny house. Space maximizing and minimalism are the base principles, so a sunroom might seem a little extra. Now imagine a tiny home with sunroom which is actually 2 homes! That’s The Ohana.

The Ohana has it all covered. Created by VIVA Collectiv, The Ohana is a system of two tiny homes with a stunning sunroom sandwiched in-between [1]. Designed by VIVA’s architect Brian Crabb, The Ohana (Hawaiian word for extended family) stretches to almost 600-square feet and can comfortably house a family of 4 to 6 people. 600-square feet may seem a bit much for a tiny house, but this is because it’s partitioned into two 174-square-foot trailers (each 24 x 8) joined by a 240-square-foot sunroom, creating the ultimate mega tiny house that could pass for a small bungalow.


The left trailer houses the lovely master bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Most tiny homes are often so small that they don’t allow for a lot of privacy for the adults. With the Ohana’s design, there’s a 247-square feet glass room in-between the parents and the kids, so everyone can have their space. There’s also a trundle bed available underneath the queen, probably for pets or kids who are afraid to sleep alone.

 The kitchen is so beautiful and compact, complete with a refrigerator, several overhead cupboards, a small sink atop a two-door storage area, an oven with four stoves, and a washing machine/dryer.

The tiny bathroom is positioned between the master bedroom and the kitchen, and for whatever it lacks in size, it makes up for in aesthetics. It has an intricate tile design to make the occupants feel like they are bathing under a tree.

The right trailer houses the living room and two bedrooms with one lofted above the other. The separation is a really nice concept as the kids would feel like they have an entire house all to themselves – every teenager’s dream.  

Then there’s the highlight of the house: the luxurious all-glass sunroom splurged in-between the trailers. Tastefully furnished with sofas, a round table, and cabinets, the sunroom is simply to die for. The occupants can enjoy a feel of the outdoors without really being outside. Sunrooms aren’t just for soaking up the sun. Through the glass doors and roof, you can watch every season of the year float by above your head. Beautiful!

Inspired by Louis Vuitton

Speaking to TreeHugger, architect Crabb explained the inspiration behind the homes design and the sunroom.

“The home was designed for a young family of 4 originally from Hawaii, but living outside of Portland, OR. Living in the Pacific Northwest, they found they really missed the tropical climate and all it affords, so their request was to create a home where they could enjoy the ‘outdoors’ year-round. The sunroom was designed as a communal space for the family to enjoy together, while the parent’s and children’s bedrooms are located in separate trailers. This separation allows for some semblance of privacy while still enjoying the fruits of going tiny.”

According to the original owner, Clayton Hanchett, the windows are the cherry on top of the cake in his home.

“You’re so invited by that room when you look at the windows,” Clayton tells [2]. “It just adds a component that’s very unique. It’s a great way to enjoy the property.”

When you own a regular tiny home, parties would seem impractical, but then again, the Ohana is not regular. The Hanchetts hosted a house-warming party where they invited 50 guests to celebrate their new home. Isn’t that a tiny home record-setter?

“It’s fun to share with others,” Clayton said. “Most people say, ‘I could see myself living here. This is very doable.’ That’s what we love about it.”

However, in 2017, the couple, Clayton and Carol put up their tiny house for sale at $100,000. It’s unclear if the house is still available for purchase. 

They wrote on Facebook: “Our time so far in our tiny house has been so rewarding I can’t put it into words. However, to get to our next step means someone else will have to enjoy our beautiful home instead of us. It’s bittersweet because where and how we live is still a dream for us, but our decision to live tiny was not for the house…it was for our family. So here’s to another chapter ending and the next page beginning to turn.

(Please share this post if you know anyone interested in buying a tiny home. We are willing to split our trailers if someone is looking for just a single tiny home on wheels. Cheers!).”

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