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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 11, 2024 ·  2 min read

Woman Adds Credit Score To Dating Profile And Is Shocked By The Reaction

People on online dating profiles put up interesting and varied statistics so that their profile captures the interest of the gender that they want to attract. Some people put up pictures of their hobbies, while others put up interesting stories about themselves. But this woman has decided to put up her credit score on her dating profile. Most of us don’t know our credit score- but this woman definitely does. In fact, this woman took the test specifically to find out what her credit score was. And then, the TikToker Spreadsheet Shan found out that her credit score was 804- which is excellent, and then she put it on her online dating profile.

Image Credits: TikTok

TikToker Makes A Social Experiment Out Of Her Online Dating Profile

So what did men think about it on Hinge, a popular online dating portal? The TikToker captioned her post with, “Added my credit score to my Hinge profile, and here’s how it went.” She then revealed the ten top responses that she received from the potential dates. One user responded, “All I needed to see. Drinks next Thursday?” While a second user wrote, “Holy s**t marry me.” A third user, who goes by the name Michael, wrote, “Hahahah. Great flex.” An over-excited Jeremy commented, “I am aroused.” Another commenter added, “LMAO I have never seen this on here. Respect though.” All the comments were positive, and quite humorous, to be fair. The TikToker then mentioned that she had added her credit score for research purposes and research purposes only. 

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Image Credits: TikTok

A lot of women asked her in the comments if it really helped to put her credit score on the online dating platform. One user commented, “My credit is 829 but I feel like that would attract all the broke guys.” Another joked, “Girl if they saw my credit score I’d be blocked.” A third commenter mentioned, “I feel like this is a red flag on their end.” A really smart individual had the genius idea, “There should be a dating app that analyzes your banking apps and matches you with financially compatible people.”

The suggestion from the final person was what TikToker was trying to achieve in the first place. Speaking to Buzzfeed about her online dating research, Spreadsheet Shan mentioned, “I had the idea of adding my credit score to my Hinge because I wanted my profile to stand out and attract guys with similar priorities. I felt like a guy that would find my credit score impressive, would also be someone that prioritized his finances.

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