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Woman makes ‘needy pet’ desk chair that lets clingy pets sit with their owners

If you are anything like me, your pets rule your home, and they rule your life! You probably can’t bear to disturb your sleeping fur-baby when you need to get up off the sofa. I know the feeling all too well. Now that I work from home quite often, I have that issue even more often! As the proud owner of 4 cats and 3 dogs, there is always one if not multiple animals constantly demanding my attention. And this is how the amazing desk chair for pets was invented!

The desk chair for pets you didn’t know you needed

Meet Simone Giertz. She’s a Swedish inventor and active YouTuber. Now, if you know anything about the Swedes, one thing is for certain – they are innovative! Simone is one of these people who saw a need that none of us even knew we had. Thus, creating the desk chair for pets. The chair enables your pet to stay close to you, take a nap, and not be disturbed when you need to get up for a coffee or that much-needed bathroom break! Simone had enough searching for the perfect chair and decided it was time to invent her own! [1]

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If you have a needy pet, keep scrolling to see just how awesome the desk chair for pets really is.

Sharing her innovative idea on Twitter, Simone said she invented the perfect pet-friendly chair, for the neediest and clingiest pets around. Her idea came around when she acquired a needy dog who needed extra attention and refused to fall asleep without being next to her. The chair has an extra broad seat especially for your cat or small dog to curl upon. This awesome chair even has a little built-in staircase! She dubbed her new unique concept the “Companion Chair.“[2]


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The internet loves the idea

Obviously, people on Twitter replied with a reassuring YES to Simone’s awesome desk chair for pets. Many replied with hilarious images of their pets taking over their workspace.


This woman posted a picture of her Boxer who clearly has no clue what person space is.

twitter user reply

Another guy posted this picture of his rough collie who just can’t bear to be alone.

twitter user reply

This user on Twitter seems to think Simone’s desk chair for pets might be the best idea for him and his overly attached corgi.

twitter user reply

Check out the awesome desk chair for pets!

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