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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 8, 2024 ·  3 min read

Woman refuses Airbnb booking after seeing chore list and $125 cleaning fee

When making online bookings, we often encounter additional charges and fees that are attributed to vague reasons like ‘administration,’ ‘processing,’ or ‘handling.‘ However, one woman reached her limit when she came across an extra Airbnb cleaning fee while considering a holiday rental. It seemed that the very task she would be paying for… would actually be her responsibility.

Last year, Mel (@melworeit) posted a video on TikTok recounting her experience. She had been searching for an Airbnb for a two-night getaway in February. Initially, she didn’t pay much attention to a $125 (£100) cleaning fee attached to one property. However, her perception changed when she delved deeper into the property’s online description.

Mel took to TikTok to express her anger at the ludicrous Airbnb cleaning fee
Image Credit: @melworeit / TikTok

Where do Airbnb owners get the audacity?” she questioned. “So, I’m doing some research for a mini vacation my husband and I plan to take at the end of February. I found a place that I liked, which falls within our budget. It does come with a $125 cleaning fee, as most Airbnbs do. And I don’t take issue with that, but here’s where my concern lies.”

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Aside from the ridiculous Airbnb cleaning fee, she proceeded to point out even more

She then proceeded to showcase a summary of the “other things to note” section in the property’s listing. “We kindly request that guests complete a few checkout tasks before departure to ensure the timely and safe preparation of the house. These tasks include disposing of trash, stripping bed linens, running the dishwasher, and completing one load of laundry.” It stated.

Mel took to TikTok to express her anger at the ludicrous Airbnb cleaning fee
Image Credit: @melworeit / TikTok

Mel went on to express her thoughts. “Now, maybe this is coming from a place of entitlement or privilege, but if I’m paying $229 per night to stay somewhere, in addition to a $125 Airbnb cleaning fee, I am not going to do any f**king laundry. Period. I understand it’s just one load of laundry, and it would only take me two minutes to do, but it’s the principle of the matter that bothers me.”

It appeared that many others shared the same sentiment. As evidenced by a TikTok user’s comment: “Either I clean or I pay for cleaning… not both.” Someone else said: “Fees should be included in the original price.” Another agreed. “I’ve helped manage an Airbnb and even I think it’s SO tacky. And I will not stay in one that makes me DO THE LAUNDRY on my vacation.”

Mel decided the only logical thing to do was to book a hotel instead

Later, Mel disclosed that she ultimately opted to book a hotel instead and has continued to do so ever since. In a comment, she stated, “This video is 8 months old and going viral again lol I stayed at a hotel and have only booked hotels since!” Seems like the logical thing to do after being put off with a huge Airbnb cleaning fee if you ask us.

“In anticipation of an upcoming travel season projected to be the busiest yet, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has announced today that we are enhancing nearly every facet of the Airbnb service. These improvements are based on feedback from our community, and they include displaying the total price clearly and providing transparent checkout instructions.” Shared a representative for Airbnb.

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