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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 31, 2024 ·  3 min read

Woman claims to spot dead husband at Indian restaurant in promo video

Bizarre things happen n a daily basis. We read about them all the time in the news and watch videos of them on social media. One woman was scrolling through social media one day when she stumbled across a promotional video from a restaurant. She swears her late husband was at the beginning of the clip. The restaurant says the video was recorded recently, but he died nine years ago. Now, the internet is completely baffled by the occurrence and demands an explanation.

The strange phenomenon at an Indian restaurant

The village of Westbourne, West Sussex is home to an Indian restaurant called Spice Cottage. It has recently become subject to a considerable amount of online attention after they posted a promotional video of the restaurant in action. The clip’s caption read: “For the last few weeks, we’ve been working hard to make our dining experience even more memorable. Join us for a perfect blend of exquisite flavors, with classical and unique dishes inspired by ancient family recipes.”

One woman, called Lucy Watson, was scrolling through her Facebook news feed one day when she stumbled across the clip. As she watched, she couldn’t believe her eyes. At first, the clip started by panning across the restaurant, showing everyone enjoying their meal. Within the first few seconds, an older man with grey hair and a beard is seen seated at the table. Lucy was dumbfounded because this man looked identical to her husband. The only thing is he had died nine years before this clip was posted.

Lucy Watson's late husband, or doppelganger.
Image credit: Facebook / Spice Cottage

So, she took to the comments section to find out how old the video was. Perhaps it was filmed years ago before he passed away. She wrote, “How old is the footage? My late husband and his son are on the first shot, and he died in 2014??” Her comment earned the promotional video a lot of attention. In other words, people were just as baffled by the occurrence and wanted to know how this was possible. Or, if it were possible.

Response from Spice Cottage

The social media manager for the restaurant replied to the comment by saying, “Hi Lucy, sorry to hear this. This footage was recorded last week.” However, when the video gained more attention, that response was not good enough. They had to clarify their response later on with an additional comment.

They wrote: “I am writing on behalf of Spice Cottage as one of the managers. In regards to the incident regarding the Lucy Watson comment and her interview, we would like to clarify some misunderstandings. I run the social media side of the business and recorded a promotional video to portray our new wooden tables and interior refurbishment.

The refurbishment was completed in early January 2023 and the promotional video highlights these changes. All videos used in the video were recorded w/c 9th January 2023. Before January 2023, all of our tables were covered by white and red cloths, henceforth it is evident this footage is recent. This is a very unusual situation and we hope this clarifies any confusion.”

Comments from the internet

The internet will do what the internet does best in these situations. Which was to demand explanations and comment on any remarks that came to their head. Therefore, there was an abundance of Indian food-related puns to sieve through. One Facebook user said, “I was there on this day and the flatbread that I ordered arrived after our main course, it was my late naan.”

Another person seems to be a lover of the naan puns. They commented, “All you naan believers think this lady is lying.” Finally, another person made a comment in reference to the man who faked his death by disappearing from his canoe. They wrote: “Lucy Watson we need an update! Was his body ever found, or just a canoe?

So, what do you think? Was the person in the video her late husband? Let us know in the comments.

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