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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
March 26, 2024 ·  3 min read

World’s youngest serial killer who murdered 3 by age 8 is a ‘sadist who likes giving pain’

By the age of eight, Amarjeet Sada of Bihar, India had already murdered three people. He became known as the world’s youngest serial killer. Indian laws, however, protected him because he was a child when he committed his crimes. Now an adult, his whereabouts are unknown.

World’s Youngest Serial Killer Now 18 And On The Loose

Amarjeet Sada was born to a poor family in Bihar, India, in 1998. His father worked as a laborer, and there are some who say that the family also forced Amarjeet to work, as well, in order to help the family make money. Despite all of this, he seemed normal. No one would have guessed that he would become the world’s youngest serial killer. (1)

In 2006 when he was just seven years old, Amarjeet killed his six-year-old cousin. After that, he allegedly killed his eight-month-old baby sister. The family, however, viewed these incidents as “family matters” and therefore didn’t report him to the police.

Amarjeet Sada. World's youngest serial killer
Amarjeet Sada. Youtube

Not long after, however, when he was eight, he killed another child. This time, it was a six-month-old baby that was not part of his family. The baby girl’s mother had left her sleeping at a primary school while she went running some errands. When she returned, her baby was missing. Authorities launched an investigation and found her body buried nearby. (2)

No Remorse

They began investigating the homicide and eventually questioned Amarjeet. Without problems, he admitted to hitting her with bricks and strangling her. He then led them to the exact location where they had found her body. The baby was reportedly Amarjeet and his family’s neighbor.

“She was sleeping in the school,” Amarjeet explained to officers back in 2007. “I took her a little away killed her with a stone and buried her.” (3)

The strangest part about the entire situation was that Amarjeet showed no signs of remorse whatsoever. While in custody, the officers noted that he was smiling a lot but spoke very little. The only time he really did speak was when he asked for food. Later, he admitted to his first two murders, which he completed in a similar fashion.

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The Diagnosis

This was quite obviously an extreme situation, to have such a young boy commit such horrible acts. His complete lack of feeling about them was also highly concerning. The authorities brought in a professional to do a psychological evaluation on the boy. Several psychologists attended to him, who all said that he was a sadist who took pleasure in harming others. They also agreed that he had no sense of right versus wrong.

Laws in India about child criminals prevent children from being jailed or sentenced to death. Instead, they sent him to live in a children’s home in the town of Munger. Reports say that he lived in solitary confinement to prevent him from interacting with other children. He received treatments and medication during that time. 

Where Is He Now?

Once he turned 18 Amarjeet could no longer live in the children’s home. Unable to be tried as an adult for crimes he committed as a child, the authorities had to let him go. That was in 2016. Now, he would be about 22 years old. When they released him from the home, they released him under a different name.

There are some who say due to his age they think he was framed by someone else. Others, however, say that his excitement over the acts and his knowledge of the location of the bodies demonstrates otherwise. Regardless, his whereabouts are now unknown.

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