The Worst Ways For A Human To Die, According To Science

Dying is never fun, but while dying of natural causes is generally painless, there are several worst ways to die. In fact, some of them are so toe-curling that we wouldn’t wish them on our worst enemies. And that is quite befuddling, considering the human body is built to withstand much pain and suffering. So one can easily understand how much pain the body has to deal with before it gives up.

With the advancement of science, it would not be wrong to presume that we know exactly how much pain an individual would go through if they were to die by certain causes. And so, here is a list of the worst ways to die- one that no one would want to even have a nightmare about. 

The Worst Ways To Die

Radiation Sickness

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This should come as no surprise to anyone that dying of radiation sickness is quite possibly one of the worst ways to die. There have been multiple documents and research conducted on the victims of nuclear disasters and weapons, and the end is always the same. Whether the death is slow or fast, it is extremely agonizing until the final moment. One of the most harrowing examples of this was Hisashi Ouchi from Japan, who suffered a ghastly accident at a power plant. Doctors spent weeks trying to save him- and the pain increased so much that he wanted them to kill him.

Buried Alive

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This is quite possibly one of the worst ways to die. While most of us would think that it might not be very difficult to get out of a coffin that has been buried deep inside the earth- we also need to remember that reality is different from the WWE. First, one would have to deal with a scarcity of oxygen, and if somehow an individual was capable of doing that, they would still have to claw their way out of the dirt and earth, which would constantly be putting pressure on the individual. And before we forget, claustrophobia will also set in at that time. 

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Pyroclastic Flow Or Volcanic Eruption

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Volcanic eruptions are quite scenic, but the aftermath is deadly. The part of a volcanic eruption that kills is the pyroclastic flow- which is the fast-moving cloud of noxious gas and volcanic matter. The cloud travels at extreme speeds, and one can’t outrun it. Also, they destroy pretty much everything in their path- as they reach temperatures of 1000 C.

This is exactly what happened in Pompeii- with the bodies still preserved under the lava and the volcanic gas. Although the heat from the Volcanic eruption would kill one within minutes, the sensation of one’s skin getting cooked is definitely not a pleasant one to behold. Also, there have been studies that conclude that the temperature was so high that the brains of individuals got cooked inside the skulls- which then exploded. Not the best way to go- is it?

Medieval Execution

A depiction of the Roman Poena Cullei, or the the penalty of the sack,
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If one really wants to know the worst ways to die, it is quite easy to do a routine Google search on medieval punishment. There were lots and lots of methods that rulers used to execute criminals. One of them involved dunking a guy into a vat of boiling water repeatedly until the King of England, Henry VIII, decided that he had had enough of it, and executed the accused- Richard Roose.

For those who are confused, the prisoner was first dunked in boiling water and then hanged, drawn, and quartered- while a crowd of onlookers looked on in horror and fascination. And if one wants to go back further in history, the Romans had an execution method where a prisoner was stuffed in a sack along with a bunch of other animals and dropped in a river. So, not only would the prisoner drown, but also they would spend their last moments getting clawed by raving animals.


A decompression chamber
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One form of death which people aren’t very knowledgeable about is decompression. There is a reason why individuals don’t live underwater- and that is the immense water pressure that can smother an individual into a fine paste. The only way to deal with such pressure elements is by moving in vehicles that are created in a manner so as to keep the atmospheric pressure survivable and consistent. But when something goes awry, it usually spells death for the people involved.

In 1983, a group of deep-sea divers died from explosive decompression after a large amount of water pressure was squeezed through a tiny hole. According to the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, three of the divers died instantly. In fact, the fourth diver was found in pieces. This is water decompression. Air decompression usually involves oxygen deprivation in airplanes and people getting sucked out of emergency exits in case of explosions. 


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It is not funny to die- we can all agree on that. But sometimes, death is acceptable- if it occurs fast and painlessly. Therefore, one of the worst ways to die would also include death as a result of someone else’s incompetence. If someone were to kill you- you would probably want them to make a clean strike, so that the pain is tolerable, and things don’t get dragged on for long.

This is what eluded Margaret Pole, whose executioner apparently didn’t go through proper training, as she was struck by an ax 11 times before she died. The main executioner was on vacation, and the newbie was definitely not up to the mark (no pun intended). Rather than a clean strike, the apprentice kept striking her head and back, and not her neck- which was the only place he had to hit. 

So, what are some of the worst ways to die, according to you?

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