car wrapped in cellophane

Man wraps car in cellophane after woman blocks driveway

It’s one of the greatest fortunes in life if you get a neighbor you get along with amiably; unfortunately, for some people, that is far from the reality. In Margate, England, 49-year-old Tobe Bailey was fed up with his neighbor parking in a way that blocked his driveway. So he took matters or, in this case, several rolls of cellophane into his hand to deal with the issue once and for all!

Bailey, who has seven children, lives in a street with 26 houses but 24 spots for parking. To avoid having his driveway blocked, he along with his wife, have already spent £2000 installing a dropped curb. They had also put up warning signs clearly instructing people against parking in his driveway since it is constantly used. Unfortunately, Bailey says that people just keep continuing to do it. He says: “At least two or three times a week, we get some id***t blocking us in.

Tobe Bailey
Image Credits: Facebook

A Cellophane-Wrapped Lesson

On one such day, Bailey spotted a car parked on his driveway after returning from work. It was a blue Vauxhall Corsa. It was blocking her daughter from getting her car out. So he wrote a note and placed it on the windscreen. It had a simple request to the owner to move the car. Then Bailey decided to wait and watch for a while. He sat on his balcony with a beer in his hand. Then he went, had dinner, and came back. Still, there was no change. The owner had taken no action till the next day. Regardless to say, Bailey’s daughter was still talking about it.

Coincidentally, Bailey had just received a load of pallet wrap. He works as a bricklayer. So he decided to wrap the cellophane across the car. This finally made the owner come out. The owner was a young woman who had recently moved in next door. Bailey recalls the woman was extremely apologetic, quipped “very funny” sarcastically, and promptly moved her car. She also promised to never park in their driveway again.

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The Vauxhall Corsa wrapped in cellophane.
Image Credits: Facebook

Bailey explained that he had no nefarious intent. He said, “I’m not a nasty person, I just like to get my point across in a funny and harmless way. It only took her a few minutes to take the wrap off and her car was cleaner because of it.” When he posted the incident on the internet, almost all the commenters were praising him for his ingenuity in dealing with the situation.

A Repeating Offence

Interestingly, this was at least the second time Bailey had taken extreme but ingenious measures to keep people away from his driveway. He recalled a previous incident when a man had parked across his driveway. When Bailey confronted him about it, the man replied, “he was a child of God and could park where he likes.” Bailey had an instant reply: “I told him I am also a child of God and had the right not to have my driveway blocked.

Unfortunately, the man paid absolutely no heed to Bailey’s words. He just walked away. So Bailey brought his car jack and hoisted the man’s car up from the ground. When the man returned, he had not noticed that his car was lifted at all. He had entered it and started the ignition as usual. Only when he saw that the car was not moving did he realize what had happened.

Some of the comments on Tobe's Facebook post about the car.
Image Credits: Facebook

Eventually, the man had to come up to Bailey’s door, knock politely and apologize. Bailey recounts that the man never parked in his driveway after that. He also described joyously how amused his wife and kids were at the cellophane stunt. However, the joy was not limited to his family, as his Facebook post with the car had gathered over 100 comments.

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