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Boy, 11, brutally stabbed in his bed uses his last words to tell cops his mother

Mothers are supposed to love and protect their children. If you ask most moms, they will tell you that they would sacrifice themselves before ever allowing anything to harm their children. Unfortunately, this mom was not one of those moms. This woman fatally stabbed her 11-year-old son, who used his last words to tell authorities that it was his own mother who did it.

11-Year-Old Boy Uses His Last Words To Tell The Police His Mom Stabbed Him

Last month, Bruce Johnson Sr. was taking an afternoon nap on a Sunday afternoon in his home in New Mexico when he woke up to the sound of his son, Bruce Jr,  screaming. He rushed into his son’s room to find him on his bed suffering from serious stab wounds. Terrified, he called 911, while also rushing into the next room to find his wife, Mary Johnson, lying on the floor with stab wounds to her chest. Hers, however, were self-inflicted. (1)

The ambulance arrived and rushed both mother and son to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital Bruce Jr was conscious and able to speak with the investigators who had also arrived on the scene. In critical condition, the young 11-year-old boy used his last words to tell the police who stabbed him. It was his own mother. At 4:19 am, Bruce Jr. succumbed to his wounds. An autopsy would later reveal that his mother had stabbed him several times.

After Bruce Jr. told them what happened, the doctors worked hard to stabilize Mary. Once she was stable, they transferred her to a different hospital in Texas. It was there at a hospital in Lubbock, Texas, where the authorities issued a warrant for her arrest on murder charges. (2)

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Things Were Not Okay

Originally the Johnson family lived in Oklahoma. Bruce Sr, however, had recently moved with his son to New Mexico to get away from Mary. This is because she had been abusing their son. The father had apparently already reported two incidents from when they were still in Oklahoma. It was there in New Mexico that Bruce Sr. was preparing to file a divorce from his estranged wife. He says that Mary suffered from some mental health issues. (3)

It had been about 40 days since Mary had seen her son and was begging Bruce Sr. to see him. Bruce Sr. decided to allow her to come and live with them for a little while just to allow her to spend some time with her son before they finalized the divorce. This is why she was living with them at the time.

11-Year-Old Allegedly Fatally Stabbed By Mother Before Stabbing Herself
Bruce Jr. Image Credit: Lea County Sheriff’s Office

“The investigation revealed that Bruce, Sr. had moved to Hobbs with his son from Oklahoma and left Mary behind after allegations she was abusing their son,” deputies said. “Bruce, Sr’s intent was to file for a divorce due to the abuse and because she was often violent with him. He explained Mary had not seen their son in approximately 40 days and had been begging to see him. Mary then came to live with them in Hobbs to spend time with them before the divorce was filed.”

Mental Health Problems

Though Bruce Sr. had filed two incidents of abuse in Oklahoma, the Marshall County Sheriff’s office says that Mary did not meet the requirements for involuntary detention. That person needs to show signs of being a danger to themselves or others, which apparently she did not present that way. She lived in the town of Kingston, Oklahoma, where even other locals said that she had been exhibiting some strange behavior for quite some time.

“Some of her comments talking about she’s Mary Jesus and just different things, talking about hurting other people,” said one resident whose daughter went to school with Bruce Jr.

According to him, after tornadoes struck the town she got worse. He had been noticing this kind of behavior since November or December, and over the last few months it had been getting increasingly worse.

Her behavior on social media in recent months had also been rather bizarre. She posted a video in June saying “Get your God degree to become a God! All you need to do is believe in yourself, respect others, and spread kindness.”. Mary posted something on Facebook that referenced “stabbing your partner’s heart and then stabbing yours”, as well. She also posted a very strange rant on Facebook saying that her son can hear everything she is saying and that she doesn’t like it.

“My son and I discovered he can hear every f***** thing that I’m thinking. I don’t like this God! My son does not need to be listening to me talking to you! Any other mother have this problem or do I fall in that 2% category again? This is why I don’t want kids! They don’t give me freedom. I’m heard writing, thinking, reading, sleeping … Who wants to be Mother God?”

The last reports state that Mary is in critical condition at the hospital in Texas. Our thoughts go out to the boy’s father and the rest of the Johnson family.

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