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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
January 17, 2024 ·  4 min read

Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex with the Earth Could Save It

Sexuality is a spectrum with a wide range of possibilities for each individual. A newly-coined type of sexuality, however, is one that involves the relationship between a person’s sexuality and the environment. These people identify themselves as ecosexuals, and within that identity is its own spectrum of meanings. (1)

Who Are Ecosexuals?

Ecosexuality can mean a variety of things. It can simply mean people who are passionate about using eco-friendly sex products to people who legitimately have sex with the Earth. According to sociologist Dr. Jennifer Reed from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, ecosexuals are at the point where sexology and ecology come together. (1)

“It is imagining ‘Earth as lover’ rather than ‘Earth as mother.’” she explains.(1)

How each person chooses to express their ecosexuality is, of course, entirely up to them.

Two people at the ecosexual bathhouse conducted by Art Group Pony Express. Image Credit: Matt Sav via Vice

Ways to Express Ecosexuality

As always with sexuality, ecosexuality is a spectrum. One of the most common ways you will see ecosexuals expressing themselves is through the use of biodegradable, organic, and sustainable products and sex toys. (1) This includes (1):

  • Eco-friendly condoms and lube
  • All-natural sheets
  • Environmentally-friendly sex toys
  • Organic tampons or other sustainable menstrual products

“Using products that don’t cause any harm to the Earth is one way a person may fulfill their attraction.” says New York City P.h.D. and sex therapist Dr. Holly Richmond. (1)

The other end of that spectrum are people who actually have sex with the Earth or include it in their sexual experiences. (1)

“[Ecosexuals] want to protect nature so much and are so enamored with the Earth and how it makes them feel that this is how they express their sexuality,” explains Dr. Richmond. (1)

Married to Mother Earth

For some ecosexuals, simply including the Earth as their lover or as a part of their sexual experiences isn’t enough: They want to make a life-long commitment to our planet. On Earth Day this past April, 25 ecosexuals held a wedding ceremony where they married the Earth. (2)

During the ceremony, they each recited this:

“The Earth is our lover. We are madly, passionately and fiercely in love. … make love with the Earth through our senses. … We are polymorphous and pollen-amorous. … I promise to love, honor and cherish you, Earth, until death brings us closer together forever.” (2)

The goal is to reverse what has been a one-sided relationship with the Earth, where humans have been continuously been taking without giving anything back in return. This marriage promotes the idea that, just as in a marriage with two people, you have to put back in what you take out. They want to restore balance and love to the Earth. (2)

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Sexuality With a Purpose

The ecosexual movement changes the viewpoint of the Earth as our mother and instead to our lover. This simple shift in thinking changes the way we engage with the environment because making your mother angry versus your partner is two very different things with very different consequences. (3)

“If you piss off your mother, she’s probably going to forgive you. If you treat your lover badly, she’s going to break up with you.” explains Amanda Morgan, a faculty member at the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences who is involved in the ecosexual movement. (3)

 Furthermore, the ecosexuality movement is changing what it means to be an environmentalist.

“This ecosexual trend is engaging a new population of people that hadn’t been in the environmental movement. There’s an intersection with the queer, gay, lesbian community, feminism community, drag queens, former sex workers,” Says Dr. Reed. “These are not the people that would go to a board meeting for the Sierra Club.” (3)

For many ecosexuals, their goal is to make environmentalism more fun and enticing to others. They want to encourage people to reconnect with both nature and their bodies, as well as to take a more active role in reversing climate change. (3)

New York-based activist and author of the book Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life More Sustainable Stefanie Iris Weiss agrees, wanting people to stop polluting their own bodies and the Earth when having sex. (3)

“If you’re running from floods, you won’t have any time for sex.” She reminds us. (3)

The Bottom Line

While you personally may not identify as an ecosexual, it doesn’t mean that you can’t love, enjoy, and respect the Earth and our environment. Looking into alternative sex and menstrual products that are more sustainable and better for our bodies is one simple thing we can all do to make our daily lives more environmentally friendly.

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