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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
June 16, 2022 ·  4 min read

‘He Lured Young Girls and Boys into His Orbit’: Feds Want R. Kelly to Serve in ‘Excess of 25 Years’ for Racketeering and Child Exploitation Crimes

In the ongoing prosecution of the disgraced R&B singer R.Kelly, prosecutors have asked the courts for a sentence longer than the previously discussed 25-year sentence. R.Kelly’s lawyers are arguing that this extension does not coincide with the laws. This is what we know so far.

Prosecutors Want To Extend R.Kelly Sentence Beyond 25 Years

Last September, authorities found Robert Sylvestor Kelly, better known as R&B artist R.Kelly, guilty of sexually abusing women, girls, and boys for decades. A judge convicted him of all nine accounts against him in the famous sex trafficking trial. His official sentencing is set to take place on June 29 of this year. Ahead of his sentencing, the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York wrote to the judge requesting that the singer’s sentence be increased beyond the originally suggested 25 years. (1)

“In light of the seriousness of the offenses, the need for specific deterrence and the need to protect the public from further crimes of the defendant … the government respectfully submits that a sentence in excess of 25 years is warranted,” they wrote. (2)

They also argued that R.Kelly showed no remorse for what he did. They state that because of his transgressions and his apparent lack of remorse, this makes him apt to re-offend. For the protection of others, he should be locked away for a long time.

“While the government doubts that the defendant will be deterred, a lengthy sentence of imprisonment will serve to deter others — including those with wealth, fame and the outsized power such status brings — from engaging in similar crimes,” they said. “This is particularly so given the high-profile nature of the defendant and the likelihood that the length of his sentence will be widely publicized.”

They also say that R.Kelly should be fined between $50,000 and $250,000. (3)

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The Defense

Jennifer Bonjean, R.Kelly’s lawyer, disagrees. She says that the singer should receive fewer than 14 years. 

“[M]any of the enhancements suggested by the government and probation are simply unsupported by the evidence and the law,” she countered.

She cites how the circumstances of one of the minors, Jane, was not entirely as it is seen to be. There is evidence of the victim’s parents encouraging her relationship with the singer in hopes that he would help advance their daughter’s career. They didn’t seem to care that their daughter was underage. There is some evidence to suggest that even she, herself, wanted the relationship to happen and was excited about moving into the singer’s home. Whether or not it was more coerced excitement it is hard to say.

“Brazenly, the government seeks to enhance Defendant’s guidelines range under a theory that Jane’s parents entrusted Defendant to her supervision when she was a minor “purportedly to assist her with her musical career” after which Jane lived with the defendant,” Bonjean wrote. “The record shows that Jane’s parents directed Jane to lie to Defendant about her age and then encouraged her to seduce him in April 2015 when she was 17 years old. The real-time text messages between Jane and her mother reveal that Jane’s mother wanted Defendant to promote Jane’s music career by commencing a romantic relationship with him. Again, the government seeks to sanitize the facts of this case which show that after Jane met Defendant for the first time, she immediately began traveling with Defendant and never returned home. Nothing in the record suggests that Jane’s parents objected to this relationship. The evidence shows quite the opposite.”

The Prosecution Disagrees

Considering his crimes involved minors, the prosecution disagrees that any of his relations with the victims were unknowing, uncalculated, and innocent. Furthermore, they are concerned that he will continue to reoffend should he be allowed out of prison too early. R.Kelly got away with his crimes for 30 years, it is time he pay for them.

“Given the breadth of the defendant’s conduct and its continuity over a period of decades, the government has little doubt that if afforded an opportunity to offend again, the defendant would do so. The instant offenses and the defendant’s history demonstrate that he poses a serious danger to the public. His actions were brazen, manipulative, controlling and coercive. He has shown no remorse or respect for the law.” they said.

We will have to wait until the hearing for further details of just how long R.Kelly will be behind bars.

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