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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
March 23, 2024 ·  5 min read

‘Hooters With Plus-Sized Waitresses’ Sparks Debate

A misunderstanding over a photo sparked a debate about the lack of body diversity at Hooters. Big Dolls is a group in Mississippi working to empower plus-size women while educating women about self-esteem and self-growth. This past Halloween, the group dressed up in Hooters uniforms. One Instagram picture showed the group of seven posing outside of a Hooters restaurant in the infamous orange shorts and white tank tops. 

However, the photo soon circulated to other social media sites. TikTok user Jaron Furches, username @jaronfurches, uploaded the picture with the caption: “The world’s first plus-size Hooters just opened.” Then the video shows Furches rushing to his front door on Heelys while mouthing, “We gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go” from Vivo’s Running Out Of Time.

Why Don’t They Hire Plus-Sized Women?”

Although the video has been debunked, it sparked a conversation about Hooters’ hiring practices. Some people were down for “the world’s first plus-size Hooters” but many questioned why there had to be one. They asked why the company doesn’t already hire plus-sized women as part of its waitstaff. As one person wrote, “Or hear me out, Hooters, in general, could start hiring all women instead of splitting them up and calling it equal.

Another comment said, “Ok but why can’t they just be hired in your average Hooters restaurant??” And another person answered, “Because Hooters has a weird policy that you need to be thin or at least slim so you can bring in more customers. And if you go over a certain weight, you’re fired.


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Soon after the post went viral, Chynna, the CEO of Big Dolls, confirmed that the Instagram picture was for Halloween. She wrote, “somebody reposed this implying that it was a real Hooters. Unfortunately, there will be no Big Dolls Hooters.” She ended with several laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, Furches responded to comments that he would open the restaurant with plus-sized women. “If I had the money I’m opening up a Hooters for y’all I swear,” he wrote. [1]

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Another Hooters Controversy

Hooters holds that “the most important thing is good food and cold beer served by beautiful Hooters girls”. The company has a long history of opposition for its sexualization and degradation of women. This controversy reopened in recent months when they adjusted the uniform policy to include shorts that are shorter than the previous ones. Many employees spoke about the policy, explaining that the shorts were too revealing, “like underwear”.

Soooo Hooters got new panties. I mean shorts,” said one TikTok user. “Love my job but don’t love wearing undies to work,” said another. 

As a result, Hooters changed the policy so the workers can choose which shorts to wear. “As we continue to listen and update the image of the Hooters Girls, we are clarifying that they have the option to choose from traditional uniforms or the new ones,” said a spokesperson. “They can determine which style of shorts best fits their body style and personal image.

We’re excited to see a national trend toward self-expression and inclusivity that bodes well for our marketplace,” the spokesperson continued. “We work continuously with our Hooters Girls to refresh and update the image of our brand ambassadors and to empower them to feel their best while at work.[2]

What’s it Like to Work at Hooters?

Hooters claims to hire “charismatic” and “entertaining” women to be their waitstaff and bartenders, in addition to being “identified by [their] glamorous styled hair, camera-ready make-up, and fit body”. According to an interview with Hooters Girl Lexi, the job application begins with uploading a photo of yourself. Then she came for an in-person interview where she also tried on the uniform.

According to another worker who chose to stay anonymous, “The company looks for a certain type of woman. The job application requires you to attach a picture of yourself and they judge you off your looks more than anything”. She, referred to as Megan, added that weight is a big factor. “…The uniform literally only goes up to a medium size and if you gain weight they can literally fire you just because”. She added that the company doesn’t seem to discriminate based on breasts or “bum size.”

Dealing With Harassment

Unfortunately, dealing with harassment and creepy customers is a regular occurrence. As Megan said, “When it comes to harassment it does happen a lot because certain men think they can treat you a certain way just based on your uniform”. Often, the behavior stops when she nicely calls them out on it. However, there were other times when she had to stop serving and get her manager to deal with the perpetrator.

Most of the women’s earnings come from tips since the company pays under minimum wage. But this is more of a blight on the service industry as a whole, since Hooters is among many establishments that pay this way. When asked if she would recommend working there, Megan said, “If you’re okay with all the controlling rules and sexual harassment from customers, then yes.[3]

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