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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
September 15, 2023 ·  4 min read

Imposter Struts Catwalk at New York Fashion Week in Trash Bag Outfit, and Almost Nobody Notices

Amongst celebrities and fashion lovers, New York Fashion Week is seemingly one of the most anticipated events of all time. However, many of the outfits are outrageous and would very seldom, if ever, be worn in public. The outfits are loud, full of fabrics and textures, and, at times, are completely ridiculous. In fact, many of the designers pride themselves on their ability to shock the public and create memorable, if not outlandish, pieces. So much so that an attendee made an appearance wearing a trash bag, and it took an alarmingly long time for anyone to notice.

Disrupting New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week happens bi-annually, meaning twice a year. Always in February and September, according to their website. Having taken place this week, New York Fashion Week is a hot topic, not just for the designers and their creations. A person entered the runway, sporting a plastic covering resembling either a trash bag or a rain poncho, a shower cap, and salmon-colored shorts.

Comically, no one in the audience seemed to notice, greeting him with the same enthusiasm as the other models. In fact, the mysterious New York Fashion Week model made it all the way down the runway and back before a security officer finally came to escort him away.

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Identity Unknown

The identity of the man in a trash bag and the reason for the impromptu strut are still unknown, as well as how he gained inside access to New York Fashion Week. However, some have speculated it was a prank performed by Fred Beyer. Beyer is a YouTube star with more than 300,000 subscribers. He is known for antics like “Trolling an All Women Convention” and “Sucking Toes During a Pedicure” according to his YouTube channel.

Unsurprisingly, the internet had much to say about the “prank” on New York Fashion Week. “That is not garbage but garbagé.” One user said. Meanwhile, another comically pointed out, “I swear these runway outfits get trashier each year.” A third commenter actually got on board with the new trend stating, “I literally thought new fashion.”

Another Instagram comment reflected someone who was less than amused by the stint. “Perfect example of how ridiculous these shows are that everyone thought this outfit actually belonged on the catwalk,” the wrote.

Beyer has yet to confirm whether he was the surprise guest of New York Fashion Week. Furthermore, Creators Inc., an agency for social media influencers, had hosted the show and was also not available for comment immediately after the event that took place at this year’s September New York Fashion Week.

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Potentially Making a Statement

However, it seems another theory is floating around. Apparently, the brand Coach was also subject to disruption during one of their recent shows, leading some to wonder if the two instances are related. It seems that two animal rights activists took to the runway, one holding a sign that said “Coach: Leather Kills.” Meanwhile, the other had nothing on but underwear and body paint, along with the same message.

It’s not uncommon for New York Fashion Week and other similar fashion events to have run-ins with activists. In fact, PETA has more than 9 million members worldwide, and many have jumped at the opportunity to make a statement. PETA was founded by Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco, in 1980. Initially intended to put a stop to animal testing, the organization eventually took to fighting against many high end designers. As a result, there are often activists attending New York Fashion Week or waiting outside, to protest, generally in a non violent manner.

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History of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has always been the highlight of New Yorker women and celebrities year. However, it wasn’t always called New York Fashion Week. Nor does it only take place in New York. Interestingly, it has a complex history and has undergone several transformations.

Prior to WW2, French fashion was popular among American women. However, during the war, French clothing became unavailable. Therefore, in 1943, a publicist named Eleanor Lambert initiated “Press Week,” creating an opportunity to “showcase American Fashion.” About a decade or two later, the fashion show was renamed “Press Week of New York” before being called “the Big Four,” Sixth on 7th, and eventually New York Fashion Week. Ultimately, the show had gained so much popularity it made its way to Paris, Milan, and London.

It’s still unclear what motivated the disruption to Fashion Week New York. However, the mystery model is a little amusing if not meant to make a statement altogether. Seemingly, New York Fashion Week is no stranger to controversies, such as being confronted by passionate members of PETA and or being the target of a massive prank.

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