A scenic view from the balconoy of a home by the ocean.

Ship-Shaped Floating Houses Envisioned to Form a Self-Sustaining Community

Have you always dreamed of a life at sea but also fear being so far from home? These Manila-based architects might have the solution you’re looking for with their floating houses. The best part? They are a fully sustainable way of supporting at-risk coastal communities. (1)

The Sustainable Floating Houses Project In Manila

With the motto “blue is the new green,” these floating houses may be the sustainable answer to the rising sea levels crisis that many coastal communities face. Manila-based architects are on a mission to help South East Asia’s most vulnerable communities and save the environment at the same time. Dada Design company’s project Currents for Currents has two main goals (2): 

multiple sea dwellings designed to be protected from rising sea levels
Image Credit: DADA
  • To combat the challenges of waterfront living in an area frequented by typhoons and other harsh natural disasters.
  • Address the lack of reliable power infrastructure in remote regions.

“They [the coastal people] are forced to live in the most volatile conditions, therefore they are in dire need of safe and sustainable shelters, creating room for an innovative solution bringing architecture and the sea together.” the company says. (2)

floating houses designed to be protected from rising sea levels. The home are anchored to the sea bed.
Seen above, a ‘sea home’ anchored to the bed. Image Credit: DADA/228 Design Studio

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How Each Floating House Works

They would anchor each of the floating houses right into the sea bed. They are self-powered using both tidal and solar energy and capable of following the ebbs and flows of the tide. The designs are based on the current housing Tausug, Samal, and Badjao tribes of the Philippines to ensure they are introducing new technology in a culturally appropriate way. (1)


“With blue as the new green as the design philosophy, the currents for currents project can provide resilient, flexible living structures that can adapt to the sea’s ever-changing conditions.” (2)

These floating homes could address land shortages and resource scarcity. They also would combat the dangers of rising sea levels, frequent typhoons, volcanic eruptions, and more. (2) To follow the next steps for the Currents for Currents project, visit their website, www.dada.design/#, or check them out on Instagram.


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