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February 11, 2024 ·  5 min read

15 Lies and Misconceptions The Too Many People Believe

In our daily lives, we often encounter myths and misconceptions that have been ingrained in our minds over time. Some of these myths are so pervasive that we don’t even realize we believe them. In this article, we’ll debunk fifteen of the biggest lies that too many believe. These are some of the most popular lies, myths, and misconceptions users shared on the sub-Reddit, r/Askreddit. In the thread, the question was posed, “What’s the biggest lie most people believe?” Here are some of the most popular answers.

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1: Nothing is Free

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The first lie we need to address is the idea that there are still things that are genuinely free. Some people argue that “the only actual free thing is oxygen.” It’s true that in a market-driven world, there’s often a cost associated with goods and services, but nature’s gifts like clean air and sunshine are indeed free.

2: School’s Out

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While education is highly valued, it’s a common belief that graduating from school and going to college is the only path to success. This myth neglects the numerous ways one can make a good living without pursuing higher education. Vocational training, entrepreneurship, and other opportunities can also lead to success.

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3: Dream On

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You might have heard the saying, “You can do anything you want.” However, for some, this phrase can be discouraging when faced with adversity. While this isn’t a flat-out lie, the truth is that challenges are a part of life, but with determination and hard work, many obstacles can be overcome. You just have to be weary of what is known as survivorship bias. According to The Decision Lab, “Survivorship bias is a cognitive shortcut that occurs when a successful subgroup is mistaken as the entire group, due to the invisibility of the failure subgroup. The bias’ name comes from the error an individual makes when a data set only considers the “surviving” observations, excluding points that didn’t survive.

4: Thinking Of You

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Some people believe that ‘the government has your best interest in mind.’ While government plays a vital role in society, it can’t fully cater to individual needs. Oftentimes, a government will serve its self-interests over the people’s. Taking personal responsibility and not blindly trusting any institution is important.

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5: A Drop in The Bucket

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Trickle-down economics is a concept that claims to stimulate the wealth of the rich will benefit everyone. However, the effectiveness of this theory is a subject of ongoing debate among economists. It’s vital to critically assess such economic principles and not take them at face value.

6: Taste Test

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Many of us grew up learning about a “taste bud map” on our tongues, but this is a lie. Taste buds are distributed throughout the mouth and can detect various flavors. So, the idea that specific areas are responsible for particular tastes is incorrect.

7: Insured, not Assured

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Despite what commercials may imply, insurance doesn’t always provide a guaranteed peace of mind. While insurance serves an essential role, it’s crucial to understand its limitations and not place unrealistic expectations on it.

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8: Let it Grow

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The myth that fish grow to the size of their containers is a humorous misconception. This claim is not accurate. Fish require appropriate care and an adequately sized habitat to thrive. Releasing a goldfish into a vast lake won’t lead to it destroying a town.

9: Lost in the Mail

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The classic excuse, “I never got your email,” is a common lie many people believe. In the age of digital communication, email misplacement can happen, but it’s also used as an excuse to avoid responding.

10: Unfair Taxes

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One misconception is that a conservative government is always “prudent” with taxpayers’ money. In reality, political ideologies and government fiscal policies vary, and it’s essential to critically assess how tax dollars are being allocated and used.

11: Hindsight is 20/20

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Eating carrots to improve your eyesight is a widely held belief. While carrots are a nutritious food, they won’t grant you superhuman vision. This myth originated from  World War II propaganda falsely claiming carrot consumption sharpened a pilot’s eyesight for dogfighting. 

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12: Freedom at a Cost

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The concept of a “free” country can be subjective, depending on one’s perspective. Some believe their country’s freedom is a lie and not as absolute as it may seem. It’s essential to engage in thoughtful discussions about the state of freedom. Some scientists even think Free will is a myth.

13: Screen Time and Eyesight

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Feel free to sit as close to the TV as you want. According to vision experts, watching TV doesn’t cause permanent eye damage. The blue light from the screen may lead to temporary eye strain, but it affects your eyes the same way no matter your distance. To alleviate this, consider blue light filtering glasses when spending extended time in front of screens.

14: Reality Check

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Many people believe they will become rich one day, often due to the allure of the lottery or the actions of the wealthy. However, this is a common lie we all tell ourselves. The reality is that wealth accumulation is not guaranteed, and it’s crucial to manage financial expectations and pursue responsible financial planning.

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15: You Can’t Swim for an Hour After Eating

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A commonly held belief is that you shouldn’t swim for an hour after eating because it can lead to cramps or even drowning. This myth has no scientific basis, and the Mayo Clinic confirms that there’s no evidence to support it. You can enjoy a swim after eating without any worries.

In a world filled with lies and myths, it’s important to distinguish fact from fiction. These 15 debunked myths remind us that critical thinking, self-reliance, and a willingness to question common beliefs are essential for navigating through life’s complexities. By challenging these misconceptions, we can lead more informed and fulfilling lives.

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