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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
December 24, 2023 ·  4 min read

Burger King Employee Speaks Out After Woman Says Uniform Is A ‘Distraction’ To Her Husband

Body shaming is nothing new for women. Whether it is from men or other women, we are constantly being told our bodies are inappropriate. We’re too big, too small, too curvy, or not curvy enough. No matter what we wear, someone thinks it’s wrong. When a woman body-shamed this Burger King Employee for “distracting” her husband while wearing her employee uniform, she had enough. She took to TikTok to speak out against this kind of behavior.

Burger King Employee Body Shamed For How She Looked In Company Uniform

At pretty much all restaurants, especially fast food joints, the employees wear company uniforms. Just how flattering and/or revealing these uniforms depend on where you work. The Burger King uniform, however, is a simple unisex polo t-shirt and black pants. Nothing fancy and certainly nothing provocative. Burger King employee Viola, known on TikTok as @rockefeller.o, recently went viral on the platform after posting a video describing an incident at work between herself and a female customer. (1)

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The video, which now has over 27 million views, describes how the woman in question yelled at and berated Viola because her uniform was a “distraction” to her husband. The uniform is a baggy polo shirt and matching visor hat with regular black jeans on the bottom. The issue the woman had was primarily with Viola’s pants. The young woman has been blessed with a beautiful, curvy figure. Apparently, the woman’s husband couldn’t keep his eyes off of her backside. The nine-second video ends with Viola turning to the camera and sarcastically joking “I guess I’ll leave me *ss at home next time?”.

A Second Video

The first video garnered many comments. One, however, caused Viola to post a second video describing the incident in greater detail. The comment in question was someone telling her that someone being jealous of how she looked doesn’t necessarily qualify as being objectified or harassed. To this, Viola felt the need to describe the incident so her followers would understand better what actually went down on that shift. (2)

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“Let’s make one thing abundantly clear,” She explained in her second video. “When this Karen started her crusade she did not come at me politely or none of that. She started yelling directly in my face telling me how I was inappropriately dressed and a distraction to her husband. Mind you, I’m literally wearing my uniform.”

The woman apparently demanded that Viola untuck her shirt so that it covered up her backside. It was this comment about covering up, despite being fully dressed, that made her feel so horribly objectified. As the woman continued to yell and make a scene, Viola wanted to run away and hide.

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A Third Video

To further clarify the situation, Viola shared a third TikTok video. This one, she said, was for the body shamers out there. In this video, she is wearing her old Burger King uniform. In her hands, she is holding two new articles of clothing: Another Burger King polo shirt, and a new pair of loose-fit dickies pants that she purposely bought two sizes too big. Then she shows herself with the new shirt and pants on. (3)

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“As y’all can see, regardless of what I wear, my thang will always be thangin’.” she said in her video.

She is making a very important point. Her body is her body. It is shaped the way it is and there is not much she can do about it. Despite what she wears, her curvy figure will always show through. Instead of shaming women for their bodies, we should simply stop sexualizing them. 

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Leave Your Eyes At Home

Many commenters jumped to Viola’s defense. They cheered Viola on for speaking out. They also said that the problem was not Viola, her body, or how she was dressed. The issue was the husband and his wandering eyes. His wife’s issue should not be with Viola, but rather with her husband who can’t seem to keep his gaze to himself.

“Nah the husband gotta leave his eyes at home next time.” said one commenter.

“Maybe she should work on distracting her own husband herself,said another.

To bring an end to the conversation, Viola made this one final comment:

“Please stop projecting your insecurities onto me & shaming me for how my body is NATURALLY shaped.”

This is an important point to make. If you find yourself shaming someone else for how they look, whether internally or out loud, you need to ask yourself why. You may convince yourself that is for a whole host of reasons, but at the end of the day it is likely because of your own issues, not there’s. Let’s all just agree to stop shaming women for their bodies and instead focus on the real problems: Sexual harassment and the over-sexualization of women’s bodies.

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