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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
July 4, 2022 ·  4 min read

Attorney For Epstein Victim Says Prince Andrew Is One Of ‘The Next Targets’ After Maxwell Sentencing

Former socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison last Tuesday for her role in late financier Jeffery Epstein’s horrible sex trafficking ring. The prosecutors have just one thing to say to anyone who was involved or participated: You’re next. This includes Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew Is The Next Target For Epstein Victims’ Lawyers

On Tuesday, June 28, a judge sentenced Ghislaine Maxwell to 20 years in prison for her role in Jeffery Epstein’s sex trafficking business. She has already been in custody awaiting trial for 22 months. Currently, she is 60 years old, meaning she won’t be out until she is 80. The judge has said she could be released in her mid-to-late-seventies if she has good behavior. On top of her prison sentence, she received a fine of $750,000. (1)

“I am sorry for the pain that you experienced,” Maxwell said to her victims. “I hope my conviction and harsh incarceration brings you pleasure.”

Ghislaine hoped for just three years. The judge, however, insisted that they were not punishing her in lieu of Epstein. Rather, her own crimes were terrible enough to warrant such a harsh punishment. Maxwell’s lawyer requested that she be sent to a female prison in Danbury, Connecticut, and enrolled in a trauma treatment program. (2)

The lawyers representing Epstein and Maxwell’s victims say that they are not stopping here. Their goal is to bring everyone who participated in this crime to justice. 

“Obviously, Andrew is one target they will be looking into.” said attorney Spencer Kuvin.

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Prince Andrew Should Be Worried

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, has already paid a small price for his involvement with the pedophile Epstein. In 2019, he already had to pay his specific accuser, Virginia Giuffre, £12 million in an out-of-court settlement. The FBI, however, has not stopped its investigation into the Prince, along with any of the other rich and powerful people known to have associated with Epstein.

“He should definitely be concerned, but.. if he did nothing wrong, then come forward and tell the full story to the FBI, not the media.” Kuvin said.

The Royal Family relieved Prince Andrew of his royal duties back in 2019. That was when Giuffre came out publicly with her accusation against him. The Prince first tried to deny it, however, it was quickly proven that he could not deny what really happened.

It was Giuffre’s lawyer Brad Edwards who has called on the FBI to continue to look into the disgraced prince while they are investigating others who were involved. Attorney Lisa Bloom, who has represented several of the victims, agrees.

“Virginia Giuffre’s civil case should be just the beginning. Everyone associated with Epstein and Maxwell should be carefully investigated,” she said.

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Prince Andrew Not The Only One

There is a whole list of people, who the FBI has not released, who are suspected of participating in Epstein and Maxwell’s crimes. This list includes people of notable fame and fortune. One, however, who is not as well-known, is Epstein’s former assistant Sarah Kellen. (3)

Victims mentioned Kellen during their testimonies during Maxwell’s trial. Kellen scheduled girls to give Epstein massages, sent cars to pick them up and took nude photos of them.

During the trial, Judge Alison Nathan noted that Kellen was a “knowing and criminally responsible participant.” Kellen was Epstein’s personal assistant for at least 10 years. After her employment with Epstein, she started her own interior design company, SLK Designs, which also has long ties to Epstein’s sex ring. She, however, claims that she is not a “monster” but also a victim.

“I’ve been made out to be such a monster — but it’s not true,” the 41-year-old said. “I’m a victim of Jeffrey Epstein. I was raped and abused weekly,”

The attorneys of the victims, however, do not agree. 

“The way that I see it is: Sarah has been given dozens if not hundreds of chances to potentially reposition herself in this narrative,” said Edwards.“You’re either on the side of the victims or the other side, which is the side of the bad guys.”

We will have to wait and see what happens next in the ongoing investigation into the Epstein-Maxwell sex trafficking ring.

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